The vivacious green of peridot has seen it relegated to a supporting role with other stones, used to enhance and complement the tones of the other stones.  It experienced a period of popularity in the 1930s, when the brilliant colour was de rigueur for art deco jewellery and clothing. It also featured prominently in Suffragette jewellery along with amethyst as the colours of the movement, and now the sparkling lime green stone is back in fashion as the star of the show.


There are a number of reasons for the resurgence of peridot, but it boils down to the global desire for a new normal and a celebration of the natural world; lockdown effected some big changes in the natural environment and without the usual distractions we all spent as much time as possible outdoors, appreciating nature and reconnecting with the planet in a meaningful way.  While the striking colour was prone to being worn by someone with a bold personality, now the peridot’s stunning shade of green is the perfect one to encapsulate the feeling of hope and new starts and is worn by many, enhancing a variety of styles.


Peridot was called the “evening emerald” by the Romans because it doesn't lose its colour when the sun goes down and still sparkles in low light.  This makes it ideal for sophisticated events which run into the evening, as your gemstones will look stunning no matter what the lighting is doing; and it also doesn't matter too much about the cut of the stone regarding its ability to sparkle in low light.  Peridot is said to be good for attuning to life cycles, so it may be useful in keeping you in check through this time of uncertainty.  It is also used to help intellectual progression and to prevent you from re-entering negative cycles and patterns of behaviour, making it the ideal stone for 2020.


Green is a colour that suits most people and the lime and olive green of peridot looks especially good on darker skin tones – for the very fair it can be too bright, but paired with darker, more muted colours it can be exactly the right thing to brighten your look.  It seems fitting to start with our Olive Green collection, a set of earrings, ring and necklace which feature a round brilliant cut peridot nestled atop a mount of swirls of sterling silver adorned with cubic zirconia.  There is a floral feel to the design which you can accentuate by wearing these with floral prints, but they are equally pretty for smart-casual wear and sophisticated looks.  With a dark suit or dress the Olive Green collection makes quite the impact and the good qualities which peridot enhances will serve you well.


If you prefer a more overtly floral look then our Daisy Green collection is for you.  Five small peridot are arranged as petals around a central cubic zirconia in this pretty design which will look great at any time of year, whether that's to complement the flowers and greenery of spring, or to bring some of that spirit into autumn.  The three piece collection is ideal for wearing to the office, for meeting friends and for family gatherings, and it is a great set for wearing on holiday too – paired with beachwear and casual clothes the daisy design lends a bohemian vibe.


If you're a fan of more modern, sleeker designs then our Snow Dome ring is the choice for you.  A cabochon cut peridot sits in a rub-over mount with a slightly matte finish to the metal.  This is a versatile design that will quite happily add an understated dash of youth to your look and it will be a hit with all ages.  Our Lime Gelato set, again with a matching ring, earrings and necklace is a happy medium between the sleek modern look of the Snow Dome ring and the pretty floral motif of the Daisy collection.  The yellow gold mounts make the green tones of the peridot really sing and this is a fantastic colour combination for warm and olive skin tones.


Our Duo Vert earrings and necklace are a beautiful twin-set, which work with any style of clothing.  The stud earrings have a drop part to them which adds movement, while the shapes are mirrored in the necklace making this a duo you'll always want to wear together.  Our Vita, Orbit and Purity birthstone collections are also very versatile, using understated design choices to create three styles of wearable, versatile jewellery at a price everyone can afford.  If you want to wear peridot this year but you're on a budget then these three design choices will have something to suit your look and your pocket.  Our Vivid Green necklace is also affordable and it pairs beautifully with the Orbit earrings.


We also have many pieces which use peridot alongside other gemstones, but if you want to tap into the peridot trend and feel the benefit of using the power of gemstones to enhance your qualities and help you work on your weaknesses, then now is the time to purchase some peridot.