Between Christmas and Valentine's Day the natural world is in one of its most sparsely beautiful states.  The icy blue of a winter sky is the ideal backdrop for landscape photography and the raw beauty of nature can really shine.  If it should snow then the outside world is even more beautiful, and this makes the winter season ideal for proposals.  The cosiness of being bundled up in scarves and gloves with a hot chocolate is also very romantic, so if you're thinking about popping the question in 2022, then make it quick because a snowy winter scene makes for a picture perfect proposal.

It can be nerve-wracking, asking that big question, but if you pay attention to the details you can't go far wrong. The first thing to sort out is the ring, so make sure you know the right size before ordering one.  You can always ask outright, but to keep the proposal a secret take one of your beloved's existing rings and measure against that.  If they don't have a ring you can borrow, you'll need to be very stealthy with a piece of cotton and a ruler while they're asleep!

We have a selection of gorgeous rings which are ideal for engagement rings – the traditional style for an engagement ring is the solitaire style with a single stone on a plain band.  Our Simply I Love U ring is ideal as a budget friendly traditional option, but if you want something a little more eye catching then our It's Love and Love Me Do rings feature cubic zirconia studded bands which will surely attract the answer you're looking for.  For a chunkier option the look no further than the Dazzle ring, which is perfect for those who are non-traditional type of people, however, if you want something really unique then opt for coloured gemstones.


More and more people are eschewing these engagement traditions, and after all, it's something you only want to do once so why not make it perfect for the two of you?  Personal touches with the engagement ring set a strong precedent for making the rest of the wedding an expression of you and your love, so think outside the (ring) box for ideas.  A favourite colour is a strong inspirational choice, while a birthstone gives a personal touch which is perfect for a proposal – just check that your intended love is a fan of the colour! 


Rings with multiple stones to represent both your birthstones are also a lovely idea.  Twin-stone (called toi-et-moi) engagement rings were first made popular by Napoleon, who proposed with a ring featuring a diamond and a sapphire and they are still a great choice today.  If a birthstone isn't an option, why not pick the stone for the month you propose in?  Garnet, for January, is a passionate rich red; while the delicate purple of amethyst (February) is simply gorgeous.


The location you choose for the proposal is where the picture perfect aspect comes in.  Choose a location that is meaningful to you both, or somewhere you have always longed to go together.  Should it snow, then your setting will be even more blessed. You can set the scene with a little preparation and the help of your friends – solar powered lights, a blanket and hot chocolates laid out ready and even some music (if you want to blow the budget hire a string quartet for the occasion) will make the proposal one to remember.  Have a friend (or two) lurking nearby to capture the whole thing on film and you've got yourself a picture perfect winter proposal.