It's never too early to start planning a wedding, once the date and venue are sorted the organisational machine kicks into gear and the catering, drink, dress, shoes, flowers, seating plan all need to be sorted.  There's also the important question of jewellery, and this is one area where the old maxim “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” can be incorporated to great effect.  Traditionally, pearl jewellery is worn by brides on the big day, so if there is a family piece of pearl jewellery that has been passed down the generations then that covers the “something old” and perhaps “something borrowed” as well.


“Something new” for a bride could be a piece of pearl jewellery given as a gift before the big day, and our collection of bridal jewellery is the ideal place to look.  Our Brides Bracelet is perfect, as it will go with any dress and colour scheme, so it can be purchased even without knowing any details of the gown.  Freshwater pearls are interspersed with cubic zirconia set beads in a delicate design that will look fabulous on any bride's wrist.  The neutral colours mean that even with an alternative wedding style this bracelet will work. 


“Something blue” could be our Blue Reef bracelet, another dainty piece which is perfect for special occasions.  Blue topaz is claw set and interspersed with smaller topaz stones, all with subtly different tones which complement each other beautifully.  Bracelets are well suited to wedding attire, as they move with you and are delicate, rather than the chunkier impact of a solid bangle.  Wearing multiple bracelets and bangles is a great look, so you could always wear two or three pieces, if this works with the dress and the overall look.  Our Sky bangle, with sapphire and cubic zirconia channel set in sterling silver, is the perfect partner to these two bracelets and can be worn again and again, as a reminder of the happy day and as a stunning piece in its own right.  The Sky bangle would be a great gift for the groom to give before the wedding day, or as a mother-in-law's gift, if you really, really like your daughter-in-law.


Earrings are a must for a wedding day – with many brides opting for a chic up-do, earrings can really set off a look with an elegant note.  We have plenty of stud and drop earrings to choose from so whether you're after a dramatic dangly pair, or a set of simple studs to set off the rest of the look we've got you covered.  There is a style to suit every bride and ever budget.  If the bride doesn't have pierced ears our Dreamy clip earrings are ideal.  With a soft, comfortable back which will be a breeze to wear all day these gorgeous studs are perfect for brides, especially with a complex hairstyle as the delicate silverwork will mirror the intricacies of the hairdo.  There are white pearl, black pearl and amethyst options which will complement many colour schemes.


Necklace choice often comes down to the style of the dress and the neckline, so while you may be able to purchase some jewellery before the dress is chosen, we find it's best to wait until the neckline and shape has been decided on.  Increasingly popular are back necklaces where an open back gown is complemented with a chain and pendant worn down the back rather than the front.  This style allows for two necklaces to be worn, if the bride wants to add another accessory, so one of our stunning pearl pendants could be the perfect accompaniment to the modern look of back necklaces. You could even source a longer chain to hang one of these pendants on, so do take a look at our range.  This Tassel pearl necklace is ideal for converting to a back necklace, as the dangling chains ending with a cubic zirconia will provide the subtle movement which this style needs, although it's perfect just as it is.


We hope you have a fantastic wedding day, and we'd love to be a part of it with our stunning bridal jewellery.