Welcome to part 2 of our post exam celebration jewellery, where we continue to highlight jewellery gifts that are ideal to mark the occasion.


We start with our Luna Collection necklace is a lovely piece that works in any environment.  A little sparkle helps draw attention to it, but the elegant intertwined loops of sterling silver and cubic zirconia project an elegant air.  The central cubic zirconia shines out and people are hard pressed to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds, especially in an elevated design like this.  The matching stud earrings would be a lovely addition to the set, perhaps gifted by another branch of the family or given on completion of their first project or semester.


Another neutral option is the Journey necklace, a piece that symbolises the journey that the recipient has been on.  The bold swirl design adorned with cubic zirconia is one that makes an impact without being too bold for someone just starting out in their career.  The way in which the design evokes the idea of progression and achievement means this piece will become one which is passed through the family, taking the significance of the achievements of each generation with it.


We looked at our Star Catcher necklace in part 1, and we have another cabochon option in the Iris necklace.  A smooth polished amethyst sits in a micro-set mount inspired by flower petals.  This is a smaller option for creative and caring types for whom the size of the Star Catcher necklace makes it impractical, or for those who prefer more understated jewellery.  Again, the matching earrings can be given to complete the set and we think this simple design is one which will be firm favourite for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.


For those wishing to pursue a career in the arts, whether through further training or through the social media route, will love the Vesper and Red Orb necklaces.  These pieces are youthful and look great on camera making them ideal for performers.  The array of gemstones in the Vesper pendant allow a colourful personality to shine through while the arrangement of the stones along the chain in the Red Orb piece look stunning with summer tops that have a low neckline. 


Creative types and those who love flowers will adore the Gwyneth necklace, featuring three pastel toned gemstones as the centre of the beautifully crafted sterling silver petals.  This necklace has a bohemian aspect so is ideal for arty types, but especially those with a passion for floristry and horticulture.  Earrings with blue or pink centres are available to build a complete look, and there is also a ring to complete the set.


Finally, for a big impact the Clementine and Opaltine necklaces are stunning.  A large citrine or opal sits in a mount made from two halves – one plain polished metal and one set with an accent row of cubic zirconia that draw the attention around the mount and into the central stone.  The citrine (Clementine) option has a multifaceted cut which attracts and directs the light for a glittering display, while the opal is a smooth cabochon that allows the mineral layers in the stone to dance and shine in the light, but in a more understated way.


We've found a piece of jewellery for every type of person as a post exam gift, but if you're still looking for that perfect piece take a look around the rest of our range; we're sure you'll find the perfect “well done” present for the young person in your life.