After an unusual academic year the exam season of 2021 is less about sitting formal exams on a national schedule, and more about school based learning and achievements that teachers will use to assign finishing grades to their pupils.  This may be less stressful than having a jam packed exam timetable, but the impact on students will not be lessened by this method of grading, especially in light of the algorithm fiasco that marred the results in 2020.  When the young people in our lives finish school or college they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and to be supported in their next chapter.  We've gone through our jewellery range to find some stunning post exam celebration gifts that can also help them transition into the next phase, whether that's more education or training or into the workplace.


Gifts to mark the end of school or college are ones which will be treasured and worn for years to come, so it's important to get the choice right.  We think that using options with birthstones are particularly meaningful, as are ones which symbolise new beginnings.  For young people about to enter the workplace a piece of jewellery they can wear in their new job will be appreciated, so you'll need to look at pieces that are symbolic but also polished and professional looking.


Gemstones studs are always a winner, and they're versatile enough to wear anywhere.  We have several birthstone collections; the Purity collection is a classic single claw-set stone, a style that never goes out of fashion.  Choose the birthstone of the giftee, or pick the colour they wear most often, to ensure they will naturally gravitate towards your gift when dressing for work. 


The Vita collection features a sterling silver dimpled mount around the stones which provides a classy, sophisticated edge to the studs which is perfect for those about to embark on their careers.  Our Orbit collection uses a silver flush mount that envelops the stone and creates a sleek and unique look.  These studs are perfect for any environment and will work for a daytime and night-time look – if you're going from the office to after work drinks, then the Orbit studs are a great option.


Necklaces make great gifts because they lend themselves to a variety of necklines you'd expect to find in the workplace or at college or university and they're also worn close to the heart making them ideal sentimental and significant gifts.  Our Duo Bleu necklace is a gorgeous sophisticated choice that is ideal for those starting a career where personal presentation is important.  Matching earrings could be given after a successful trial period, or for Christmas or a birthday.  The two shades of topaz mean this necklace and earring set works with a range of tones and colours making it perfect for an everyday workplace option. 


For creative and caring professions, we love the Star Catcher necklace with its rich blue cabochon lapis lazuli surrounded by loops of sterling silver.  This simple yet striking pendant evokes sanctuary and creativity – rubbing the smooth surface of the stone is both calming and inspiring, making it ideal for dealing with writer's block and the emotional aspect of caring professions.


Join us for part 2 where we will look at more post exam jewellery gifts.