Gemstones have always been symbolic, with different civilisations assigning different meanings to each one; although there is often a lot of similarity between the associations held by one society and another.  Gems were often used as status symbols as they were rare, especially back in the times before international travel was easy. They were also used in talismans and other protective jewellery items.  Many of the gemstones we use in jewellery today were used in the past because of their associations.  Aquamarine, for example, was given to sailors ahead of a voyage to ensure their safety at sea, while emeralds were worn to uncover the truth about a romantic partner – an emerald placed under the tongue was said to give the power to see the future.


Nowadays we might not have retained these practices, but the symbolism of gemstones and the qualities they are said to bring are still relevant to our modern lives.  We don't need to wear an emerald to find out if a partner is being unfaithful, because we can look at their phone or other online activity, and we might not give aquamarine to people getting the ferry to France because it's not a perilous journey, but we still wish them a safe voyage.


The qualities we now associate with certain gemstones hail from these historic uses but they're still relevant today, especially as we are in the midst of a pandemic and the world is changing in huge ways seemingly every week.  Some of the qualities we're looking for in jewellery to wear post-lockdown are healing, protection, courage and health.


Amethyst is a stone that is said to have many of these qualities; in fact it is the stone which has been associated with the most positive qualities over the years.  It is most often regarded as a stone for true love, but it is also used for healing and protection, making it the ideal stone to wear during the transition from lockdown to normal life.  The purple colour of amethyst is flattering on everyone, and our Purity necklace is the easiest way to wear it close to your heart.  A round amethyst in a classic claw setting makes this necklace a versatile one for wearing every day, while our Viola necklace uses a sinuous sterling silver mount to showcase the stone.  We particularly love our Rain Drop necklace as a post-lockdown piece, as the cleansing power of the rain strengthens the associations with cautious new beginnings.


Aquamarine is associated with good health, and our Reverso necklace, with a design that symbolises the reversal of fortune, is pertinent to our current situation.  This gorgeous necklace is a showstopper that will brighten the mood of everyone who sees it, and wears it.  The cool blue tones are ideal for the summer, as a light tan really sets off the stone.  If you want a piece of jewellery to signify the brighter times ahead with good health then the Reverso Aqua necklace is a great investment, a piece you'll wear for years to come as a reminder of how life can change so quickly.


Join us again soon for our second article looking at the associations linked with rubies, garnets and pearls.