Welcome back to our look at the best gemstones for post-lockdown life.  We're looking at stones which are associated with healing, protection and vitality.  Rubies are associated with a strong life force and courage, so if we're nervous about resuming life as it used to be, a piece of ruby jewellery can give you the edge you need to feel confident.  Our Circle of Life or Love Life ruby necklaces encapsulate this idea perfectly; both shapes are closed loops which represent the cyclical nature of life in a positive way.  You'll get so many compliments on these necklaces that you'll get an instant mood boost.  Matching earrings are available for both pieces, so why not get the set and spread the love?


Our Serenity ruby necklace, with matching earrings available, is a great mix of calm and courage and a lovely piece to add to any outfit for a touch of glamour.  Rubies are opulent, desirable stones but they're very wearable thanks to their ability to match many tones of reds, purples and blues in your outfit choices.  We think we all deserve a treat after the year we have just been through, so this is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and buy something you'll wear for decades to come.


Garnet is said to be able to protect the wearer from accidents away from home, so it's ideal for wearing on those first few outings when you're in need of a little help dealing with the outside world again.  Garnet has a rich red tone which is slightly darker and deeper than rubies, and in our Comet necklace this richness is the star of the show.  A teardrop shaped garnet perches on a cubic studded mount which echoes the shape of the stone, and the name conjures up the image of shooting stars.  With our Comet necklace you can always “wish upon a shooting star”.


Pearls are associated with self-care and healing, so if you're in need of some quiet time, and a chance to recharge your batteries and adapt your mind-set to the new normal, then pearls are the perfect accessory.  Pearls are soft and delicate, so they're perfect for wearing when you fancy getting dressed up in your favourite clothes as a treat, even if you're not actually going out!  Pearls never age, so they'll become a favourite part of your jewellery collection.  We just love the simple elegance of our Fantasy necklace, which features a pearl perched inside a round silver mount as if it was on the cusp of something new.  This necklace has matching earrings, and will also work really well with any of our pearl rings. 


We're all looking forward to being able to spend quality time in the company of friends and family, and having a new jewel to show off will add some fun to proceedings, as well as boosting your mood.  Why not get a Purity necklace with one of these five healing, protective stones as a gift for your nearest and dearest to mark the occasion?