Accessorising with bangles and bracelets can be a hard thing to do.  Not all outfits lend themselves to wearing this type of jewellery, and sleeve length in particular can make matching the right bracelet difficult.  They can also be impractical for some jobs and tasks so they often get left at the bottom of your jewellery box, hidden by the pieces you wear more regularly.  We're here to help with a guide to styling your bracelets so you can show them off more often.  We should point out that a bracelet is defined by having a loose construction (usually chain links or beads) while a bangle is a solid adornment, sometimes fastening with a hinge closure but often just slipped over your hand.


Sleeve length is one of the most important factors in wearing bangles or bracelets.  Long sleeves don't lend themselves to styling arm jewellery well, so if you're wearing a long sleeved shirt or jumper you probably won't get the chance to show off your bracelet.  The exception is tight fitting long sleeves, where you can slip a bangle over the top and make the most of the contrast between the jewellery and your sleeve.  Black and other dark, block colours are best, as a bracelet against a print will get lost in the pattern.


Elbow length and ¾ length sleeves are ideal for matching with a stunning bracelet, or a stack of bangles, as the attention is naturally drawn to your arms through wearing these mid-length sleeve styles.  When stacking bangles, stick to the same type of metal – matching gold bangles with silver ones and beaded bracelets can look messy and that doesn't add anything to your look; it also means that no one particular bangle stands out and that is such a waste.  It's far better to wear a stack of sterling silver bracelets than to mix in pieces that don't match at all.  Your watch strap can make all the difference here, and you may find it looks best to wear bangles on the opposite arm from your timepiece for maximum impact.  All our bracelets and bangles are sterling silver, so you can be confident in matching any of our bangles with each other for a flawless finish.


If you have a couple of bracelets that look good together, but which don't fit as well as they could then consider linking them into one long chain, then wrapping this round your wrist three times before fastening.  This lets you wear the pieces you daren't in case they fall off, in a way that is very unique.  You can even wear too large bracelets around your ankle, or even around your upper arm when wearing a strappy top.  Positioning bracelets and bangles at other points on your arm (aside from the normal wrist position) adds a quirky touch to your outfit and will be a talking point, not to mention being a great way to show off a tan.


Our Bewitching and Enchanting bangles, both with a modern cross-over style, are excellent for working into a stack.  They also work equally well alone for a modern, sleek look.  The Fantasia bangle is perfect for a chunky, trendy look whether as the base for a stack or as a standalone piece and the same is true for our Angelica bangle.


The Kaleidoscope, Swoosh and Tutti Frutti bangles all feature coloured gemstones that you can pair with the colours in your outfit for a subtle match, and we have the Fantasia Mix bangle with a riot of coloured stones dotted across the bands.  These also look great in a stack but would be stunning worn with a long sleeved black top to really show off the stones.  An all-black outfit really benefits from a splash of colour and a bracelet or bangle is the perfect way to achieve this if you're looking for an understated style.


Our Simply Elegant and Bride's bracelets are both perfect for adding a whimsical, bohemian accent to an outfit and they look fantastic worn with a summer dress, a statement necklace and a pair of cute stud earrings.  Why not have a look at the bracelets and bangles you have, and then build your collection by add some options from our range?