With a prediction of a good summer on the cards, it's high time we get our jewellery out and make the most of every opportunity to wear it.  Social events are perfect for wearing rings, because with a drink in your hand and a handbag to carry you're already drawing attention to your hands.  We're here to help with some tips for wearing your rings to their full potential.


Your choice of handbag makes a big difference to the rings you will wear.  Leather, suede and similar soft textures are a great backdrop for subtle, intricate rings, so if you're holding a clutch bag then make sure the material, colour and pattern of the bag works with the rings you're wearing.  Options like our Zing ring, our many eternity and solitaire style rings, not forgetting our Classico styles are all fantastic for wearing with muted colours in a bag.  If you want to wear cocktail rings or bigger stones, opt for a shoulder bag so it is not competing for attention with your bling.  Try to avoid bright colours unless they match with the colour of the stones in your ring.


Your nails are also important, so make sure they're neat and tidy as a hand studded with sparkling rings will only look good if your nails are also in order.  Having a manicure doesn't have to mean getting brightly coloured talons, a simple French manicure provides the perfect foil for any style of ring.  If you have an accent colour in your outfit, match the ring to this colour, and even opt for a statement nail of a similar colour on the finger where you'll wear the ring to really make it pop.  Silver rings and ones with clear and muted stones look best with darker colours on your nails, while brightly coloured stones go with brighter colours for your manicure.


Our Lovers Path ring, with hammered effect silver winding over a plain band, is a really versatile choice, working well with any colour, but also with patterns.  If you're wearing an outfit with a lot of pattern and colour, go for jewellery which doesn't have too many colours or stones in it.  Pearl rings are also great for wearing with bright, bold patterns so remember to take a look at our Pearl Candy and Full Moon rings for more versatile rings that will look stunning with any print.


We've written about stacking rings before, so if you want to really pile it on without looking over the top check out that article.  One simple tip is to keep your stacks balanced across both hands, opting for alternate fingers on each hand to avoid a messy effect where each piece gets lost in the noise.