The traditional shape associated with Valentine's Day is the heart, and you see it everywhere from heart shaped cards to boxes of chocolates - even steaks cut into the shape to appeal to lovers up and down the country.  It's also a lovely shape to look for in jewellery to give on the day which can then be worn all year round as a reminder of the love you share.  We have a wide selection of heart shaped jewellery; after all, it is our logo!


If your lover has a February birthday then we have the perfect set for you.  Our Sweet on Me earrings and necklace feature heart shaped amethysts, which is February's birthstone, and because there are two pieces to the set, it can be gifted across both occasions to great effect.  Heart shaped amethysts also feature in our ‘Love and Kisses’Sugar and Spice necklaces which make fantastic Valentine's presents.  The necklaces feature the heart shaped amethysts mounted on rose gold (Spice) or sterling silver (Sugar) nestled between two sterling silver kisses adorned with cubic zirconia.  These necklaces say “I love you” loud and proud and will be cherished by the recipient for many happy years to come.  These necklace designs are also available with heart shaped cubic zirconia for a more neutral look.


For those born in July, our Love Life Ruby earrings and necklace make a lovely two part gift – you could give the necklace for Valentine's Day and the earrings on the birthday to build up the set, which features the July birthstone interspersed with cubic zirconia in a heart shape.  The subtle tones of the rubies are beautifully set off by the sparkle from the cubic zirconia and while it's definitely a Valentine's themed set it can be worn at any time, especially for more formal engagements where you want to wear your best.  For people who are born in September, the Love Life Sapphire set is ideal, featuring their birthstone in the same design.  Our Light up My Heart necklace is inspired by the Love Life collections, but uses cubic zirconia for a neutral look, as well as leaving a gap between each stone which lets them stand out nicely on the pendant.


Our Love Me necklace is ideal for young love, as the design features several smaller hearts inside a larger one, symbolising exactly how your heart feels fluttery in those first throes of love.  Circles, represented the lasting eternity of true love, complement the stars and the cubic zirconia accents add that finishing touch of sparkle which represents your heart lighting up.


Our Love and Kisses Cute earrings and necklace use our distinctive logo as the inspiration, with the heart shaped beautifully crafted from sterling silver with a cubic studded kiss at the top.  These modern style hearts are perfect for anyone who wants a unique, contemporary style which still encompasses the traditional love association of hearts.


The Love and Kisses collection has much more to give, including earrings and necklaces which are made up of the heart and kiss shapes.  All the kiss shapes are adorned with cubic zirconia, and there are rose gold options for the hearts, allowing you to mix and match pieces for a bespoke look.  Our earrings are available as mixed pairs and matched pairs, so if your lover has multiple lobe piercings they can match up their earrings as the like, which is a very thoughtful gift as you're also celebrating their independence and individual style.


If you're still looking for inspiration then check out our Amore Hearts section on our website where you're sure to find the perfect gift to show your love.