When someone does something nice for us we say thank you, whether that's for pet sitting, helping with a house move, providing support during an illness or a more general thank you, it's nice to give a gift to show our gratitude.  Many of these smaller favours can be repaid with flowers or a bottle of wine, but for a more significant act of generosity jewellery is a thoughtful gift that will be received with thanks.


Amethyst is associated with showing gratitude, so jewellery with this stone carries a lot of significance.  Our Bubblelicious collection is a joyful, modern design which will suit all ages and styles and the rich purple amethysts look great against all skin tones.  The earrings in particular make a great gift, as they can be worn with anything to lift a look into new heights. 


If you like the look of the Bubblelicious pieces but want something with a more nature-inspired look then the Opal Fruits collection is your answer.  The necklace is delicate and pretty, while the choice of stud or drop earrings makes this a versatile collection.  Amethyst, topaz and citrine feature in the studs, while peridot is also present alongside the other three stones in the necklace.  This is the ideal thank you present for someone with links to November, December or August for added significance.  The Opal Fruits collection is also a fantastic option for someone who provides long term help and support, as you can give all three pieces over a longer period of time to build the set and show your gratitude.


Another nature-inspired set is the Iris collection which features unusual cabochon cut amethysts in a floral style mount, set off with pave set cubic zirconia to catch the light and bring out the best qualities of the central stone.  Again, this is a three piece set which can be given in stages to display your thanks for continued support or as birthday gifts instead.  We especially love the earrings, as they are quite different to anything you'll find elsewhere and they make a real impact when your giftee opens the box.


If your helper doesn't have pierced ears, then the Dreamy Amethyst clip on earrings are perfect.  A delicate yet modern design features beautiful amethysts in the centre, combined with our super comfortable backing for a new experience in clip on earrings.  Your giftee may have given up on finding gentle and stylish clip on earrings, so these would be a very thoughtful gift which shows your gratitude.


Big showy rings are a great gift for people who go out a lot, perhaps to the theatre or other big nights out, and we have lots of stylish rings with amethyst stones.  The cluster cocktail rings especially are fantastic gifts and really make the statement of how much you appreciate that person's help, and you're also giving them a good excuse to get dressed up and go out to enjoy themselves - so it's really two gifts in one!  The emerald cut is very fashionable at the moment, so if you want something which is on trend and bold the Lavender ring fits the bill.


Sometimes we want to thank someone who is always there for us in the good times and the bad, such as a parent or a child who looks out for you all the time.  The Angelica necklace and the other pieces from that collection, signifies that person's role as your guardian angel, and with modern styling and a row of cubic zirconia to bring out the wing motif, these pieces are perfect for someone who is really significant in your life.  There are four pieces in the collection, so that's a birthday and Christmas sorted, or if you have several people who have really looked out for you, perhaps sisters have also played that guardian angel role, you could give a different piece to each person.


If someone has been there for you during a really tough time and supported you while you got your life back on track, then this Key of Life necklace sends exactly the right message of thanks – having their support has given you your life back, so the significance is especially touching.  The pendant is covered in cubic zirconia which symbolises the sparkle this person has put back in your life, and the clarity their presence has given you. 


We hope you like our suggestions of jewellery gifts to give thanks, but we know that every person has their individual style, so take a look around the rest of our range and you're sure to find something that suits your guardian angel.  If you're not sure exactly what they might like then a gift voucher for our jewellery is the next best thing.  That way, they can choose something they like and it will have the same significance as if you had chosen it yourself.