The phrase “sealed with a (loving) kiss”, abbreviated to SWAK or SWALK was commonly used by servicemen and their sweethearts in the two world wars on their letters to each other.  The acronym was written across the envelope seal, and women would often leave a lipstick kiss mark in the same place.  It was used as a way to show your affection for someone and as a way of sending a kiss when you couldn't be there in person to kiss them.  It has also been the subject of many popular songs due to the evocation of long-distance love and commitment.


Our Love and Kisses jewellery collection is a modern way of sending the same sentiment, in the form of something tangible and wearable.  Sending a jewellery gift is a lovely way of giving your long distance love something to keep close to them, as a reminder of you when you can't physically be together.  The Naughty, Nice, Sugar and Spice necklaces feature a heart shaped cubic zirconia or amethyst bracketed by two X shapes for the kisses.  These are a lovely, thoughtful gift to give to a long distance love, or before an extended period of travel as a something to remember each other by.  Wearing the necklace will remind your sweetheart of your love for them no matter how far away they are.


We also have kiss earrings, sterling silver X shapes adorned with cubic zirconia to represent the magic sparkle your lover brings to your life.  These are versatile enough to wear every day, but they can also add the finishing touch to an evening look.  The Moonlight Mix earrings are a kiss and a heart shape that can be worn as a mismatched pair, or worked into a multiple lobe piercing look; the matching ring is a lovely one to use as a promise ring or eternity ring.  We also have a Blush Mix version, with a rose gold plated heart instead of a sterling silver one.  The earrings are also available as matched pairs, so you have plenty of options and ways to wear these pieces.


Our Love Lips necklace is the perfect representation of SWALK; the gold plated lips have a heart shaped cut out at the centre to embody a loving kiss, while the two X shapes on either side back up this association.  When presented in our heart shaped gift box this will be a lovely gift for your beloved to unwrap, showing you love them at every stage of the unboxing process.  If you're going to watch your love opening their gift on a video call then this necklace is the perfect option, as you're quite literally sending them a loving kiss.


Next time you need a romantic gift, whatever stage of a relationship you are at, our Love and Kisses collection has something to suit everyone.