Amore Argento is delighted to bring you another new design inspiration we've used to create two collections.  Firstly, our Orb collection uses circular flush mounts in a row of three to showcase rubies with cubic zirconia for our Red Orb necklace, and with peridot, citrine and topaz for our Multi-coloured Orb necklace.  The drop style is a classic jewellery style, and we've used it to create these necklaces which incorporate the idea of light balls – bundles of energy from the spiritual realm which many people believe represent guardian angels and protective spirits.  The ruby design is absolutely stunning and would look amazing at an upscale event with a deep red dress or top to set it off.  Rubies are the birthstone of July; so if someone you have loved and lost was born in July, wearing this necklace is a lovely connection to them and a way to remember the positive influence they had on your life.


Our Multi-coloured Orb necklace uses peridot which is associated with love, safety and nature, citrine, associated with truth, clarity and guidance and topaz which is associated with truth and forgiveness.  These are also the birthstones for August, November and December, adding more significance if these stones represent loved ones whose guidance has enriched your life.  The same drop style, with a medium sized stone at the top, small one in the centre and a larger one at the bottom is classically elegant, so while you might be thinking about the characteristics of your spirit guides, anyone who sees the necklace will be thinking about how beautiful it is.


We have used the same circular flush mount style in our Vesper necklaces, which are inspired by James Bond.  While the premiere of the next Bond film has been pushed back to November, there's no reason why you can't get into the spirit early with these stunning pieces.  The Blue Vesper necklace uses sapphires and cubic zirconia for a truly elegant effect.  The central large cubic zirconia catches the light, drawing they eye out to the sapphires which flank it.  Two smaller cubic zirconias complete the V shape of the pendant.  The Blue Vesper would look amazing worn with our sapphire Vita earrings, or our Serenity sapphire studs.


Our Multi-coloured Vesper necklace is ideal for showing a fun loving, colourful personality.  Five gemstones are used; amethyst, peridot, topaz, citrine, and garnet all feature here so this necklace not only works with a variety of colours, it also looks fantastic against pale neutral tones.  Our Coupled earrings or Swoosh earrings work well to accent the necklace, as they use two of the same gemstones in each design.  Simply pick the duo you like most and they will look fantastic with the Multi-coloured Vesper necklace.


For earrings that will go with any of these necklaces and mirror the flush mount style, check out our Orbital stud earrings.  With a choice of seven different stones, there is a pair in this collection that will match up nicely with any of the Orb or Vesper pendants.  If you have multiple lobe piercings you can get really creative with the colour combinations, perhaps pairing the Coupled earrings with the topaz or amethyst Orbit studs to accent a particular colour.  With summer nearly here and everyone wanting to get back to a more normal life, it's a great time to play around and get creative with your jewellery looks, so that when you can have your next party you're already set with your look.