Welcome back to our selection of birthstone jewellery for July, August and September.  Although September is technically an autumn month, we often have excellent warm summer like weather all through the month, so why not stretch out summer for as long as we can?


People born in July have rubies as their birthstone, another very precious stone that has been revered for centuries.  Rubies come in various shades, from a perky pink-red to a rich crimson and they suit many skin tones.  As with our emerald jewellery, the ruby lends itself to classic looks like our Classico collection, as well as featuring in our Circle of Life and Vita collections.  Our Everlasting ruby ring is a gorgeous present which is ideally suited to daily wear with channel set stones that won't catch or scratch.  The Serenity two-piece, where two rubies are set with cubic zirconia in a contemporary square design, makes a lovely gift when either side of the family buys a piece each, and the earrings would also look stunning with the Melody necklace.


Peridot is the stone associated with August, and this vivid green is apt for symbolising the time of year when bright verdant fields are all around us.  The Ancient Romans referred to peridot as the “evening emerald” because it is still radiant even in low light – ideal for long summer nights.  Our Vita, Purity and Orbit birthstone collections all have pretty peridot pieces which are ideal for accents in a summery outfit. It is our Snowdome ring that is the real star of the show for summer accessorising.  The cabochon cut stone will catch the light from any direction even as the sun drops, so is there a better ring to wear as you sip a cocktail in the evening sun?


In September it's the turn of sapphire, another very precious stone.  Sapphires are usually blue, but can be found as a pink version too, seen in our Everlasting rings which have blue or pink sapphires.  The stone also features in our Serenity two-piece set (and our Circle of Life range), so if you loved the ruby versions but prefer the colour blue then you're in luck. 


You don't have to be born in these months to wear the birthstone, but when you're giving a gift, tying it into their birthstone is a lovely, personal touch that shows you have really thought about what to get.