In the hope that we can have some semblance of normality this year, there will hopefully be the chance for many of us to have a non-lockdown birthday, and that is definitely something to be celebrated.  If you're one of the lucky ones who have a spring or summer birthday, and we are then relatively free of Covid restrictions and able to go out and be noticed, make sure you put some of our jewellery on your wish list – you could even build a complete set by getting a few of your friends and family to buy a piece each.


The birthstone for May is emerald, a rich and luxuriant green precious stone.  It works particularly well in classic styles of jewellery which is why we have used it in our Classico collection; a timeless style that can add sophistication to a simple outfit.  Our affordable Vita birthstone collection features an emerald necklace and matching earrings that are a perfect birthday gift for any May babies.  Our Circle of Life emerald necklace is also a beautiful birthday gift that can be worn every day.


People born in June have pearls as their birthstone.  We have pearl options in our Vita collection as well as a wide range of designs in all types of jewellery, including clip on earrings for people without pierced ears.  Pearls have a place in everyone’s jewellery collection, making them a great gift for anyone and everyone, whether you're a June baby or not.  Our Pearl Purity studs are a great introduction to wearing pearls, however, if you want something more striking our Tassel earrings are a great choice.  These modern earrings have delicate silver chains dripping from the pearls which dance and shine as you move your head – ideal for when you want to make an impression or draw the attention of a special someone.  If you want a three-piece ensemble our Pearl Candy collection is a winner.  The central pearl is surrounded by cubic zirconia to create an expensive, sophisticated look that is ideal for a night out.


Join us for part 2 for a pick of our birthstone jewellery for July, August and September.