A stack of rings on your finger, or across both hands, is a fun way of airing your favourite rings and drawing attention to your hands, perfect for when you've just had a manicure.  Wearing a stack of rings can overpower other jewellery, so we recommend stacking either rings or bracelets, but not both on the same arm.  If you want to wear multiple rings it's best to stay away from bracelets or bangles, and stick to either bold earrings or a bold necklace but not both.  Plain necklaces or earrings can work but going too far with your accessories can be a hard look to pull off. 


Stacking rings, therefore, is an easy way to test your personal accessorising boundaries and if you get out and about and you think it's too much, you can easily just slip a couple of rings into a pocket to tone down the look.  When you're looking for rings to stack the most important aspect is having a narrow band, as chunky bands are hard to stack without seriously affecting your ability to still bend your finger!  When you stack rings you'll also be moving the stones around so they nestle together, so it's best to stay away from having too many large stones in your stack, although one or two can work when worn with slimmer rings.


It's a nice idea to start or end your ring stack with a showy ring, as this can make it look like you're wearing more rings without adding extra bands.  Our Interlace ring is ideal, as it splits into 6 bands with topaz stones but only has a single band around the back.  Our Lavender ring, with a large emerald cut amethyst, is also an excellent choice for finishing a stack of rings, and the purple colour goes well with blues and reds or pinks, giving you a lot of choice as to which other rings you choose for your stack.  The Vivacious Violet ring has a square cushion cut amethyst, which is a lovely alternative to the Lavender option if you prefer this more delicate shape.  If you love colour, the Tutti Frutti ring is perfect for you, as it features a beautiful spray of gemstones that will go with a wide range of colours and prints.


Our Arctic and Antarctic rings are a nice choice for a neutral or monochrome stack, but if you want something edgier our Emerald Ice ring, with a large emerald cut cubic and hammered effect silver on the band is a great choice; this ring is a standout star for a youthful look with a touch of sophistication.  The Angelica ring, with the feather motif, is also fantastic for finishing a stack of rings as it has a lot of movement in the design, and can help draw attention to your other rings.  One can even be tucked in against the edge of the feather for maximum impact.


Join us in part 2, where we show you how to complete your look.