Welcome to the second half on stackable rings for maximum impact. 


Now that you have a big stone or chunky ring to finish the stack, you need some smaller rings to go with it.  Depending on the size of the bands of your bigger items you could wear 3 or 4 rings on a single finger, so don't be afraid to play around and experiment with different combinations.  If you find a combination you love take a photo so you can recreate the look.


Our Catch a Star and Full Moon freshwater pearl rings are perfect for stacking as they have narrow bands and the pearls will stand out nicely in a stack, standing proud of the band to make stacking them easy with other pieces.  Just be careful not to allow pearls to rub against cubic zirconia or other hard stones, as this could damage them – a pearl ring is best worn closer to the knuckle at the base of the finger, with harder stoned rings kept one ring apart.  Our Starlight ring has a mount style that will protect it from the rings worn around it, so if you love the pearl look then the Starlight ring is a great option for carefree pearl stacking.


Our Cherry and Lime Gelato rings are comfortably at home in a stack, and the mount style means the stones wont rub against any others in the stack because they are protected by the gold plated mount.  With amethyst or peridot options you can choose the colour that suits you and your existing wardrobe.  The Iris ring is similarly styled, with a cubic studded mount around a simply stunning cabochon amethyst. 


The Classico rings, with a choice of ruby, sapphire or emerald are made for stacking, with a small but delicate cluster style accent and cubic zirconias descending down the shoulders which will make this ring stand out among plainer bands.  Our eternity rings, such as the It's Love ring with channel set cubic zirconia and a pinched top, or the I Love You ring with larger channel set stones, are perfect for using as an extra slim ring for a stack.  The It's Love ring is especially good because the pinch point in the middle makes for an easier stack around the other rings.


Finally, our Opaltine and Zing rings are great stacking rings because the stones protrude out at right angles to the band, so they'll easily cover the plainer parts of the other rings in your stack.  With three or four of these rings in a single stack you'll make quite the impact.  We think the Classico Sapphire ring, paired with the Interlace, Zing and Angelica rings would be a gorgeous cool toned stack, while the Vivacious Violet ring mixed with the Starlight, Cherry Gelato and Opaltine rings would be a cute rosy toned ensemble for a date night.


You can also mix in rings from your existing collection, or even start with your favourite as a base and choose new pieces to work with it, the possibilities are endless!