In the first part of our two part article about star sign jewellery we look at the first six star signs.  Each star sign has a gemstone associated with it in the same way that each month has a birthstone.  . This means you have the option of wearing your star stone instead of, or alongside your birthstone for an extra personal touch.  If you're into astrology you might also be interested to know that gemmologists and jewellers with the same interest, recommend wearing a gemstone that balances the traits associated with your star sign.  Not all the star stones are used in Amore Argento jewellery, but we do have a balancing gemstone for each star sign.


The astrological stone for Aquarius is garnet, the same as the January birthstone.  The traits associated with Aquarians are depth, originality and a tendency towards being uncompromising.  While these are all great traits associated with the air signs, these could be balanced by incorporating some of the gemstones associated with the earth signs, such as sapphire or ruby which are the astrological stones for Capricorn and Taurus. 


Pisces' astrological stone is amethyst, which is also the birthstone for February.  Amethyst is something of a panacea in the gemstone world, said to be helpful for almost every problem with its tendency to calm and to promote spiritual growth.  Citrine is a good balancing stone for Pisces, as it promotes vitality and energy while Pisces people tend to be understated, empathetic and calm.  As a water sign they are balanced by fire signs with topaz being a fire sign stone.  Topaz and amethyst naturally look great together and our Punch and Magic Mix cocktail jewellery collections use both stones, making it a great choice for Pisces and Sagittarius alike.


The astrological stone for Aries is bloodstone, which we don't use in our jewellery.  Aries people tend to be dynamic and competitive, so they would do well to balance out that energy with amethyst or aquamarine, both stones associated with water signs which balance the fire sign of Aries. 


Taurus is an earth sign with the astrological stone sapphire.  We have some stunning sapphire jewellery that is sure to turn every Taurean head, but to create balance why not wear stones associated with air signs such as peridot or garnet?  Garnet is great for balancing the Taurean tendencies towards strength and dependability, but can also enhance the natural qualities of a Taurean.


The astrological stone for Gemini is agate, which isn't a stone we use.  However, Gemini is an air sign, so will be naturally balanced by earth sign stones like sapphire or ruby.  Gemini are known for being versatile, expressive and curious, so amethyst would be a good calming influence while aquamarine would also provide tolerance and mental acuity allowing Gemini to really focus. 


The astrological stone for Cancer is Emerald, and this stunning green gem features in some of our most classically styled jewellery.  A Cancerian tends to be protective, sensitive and intuitive, so would do well to wear aquamarine to help them navigate complex thoughts or garnet for a courage boost.


If you have enjoyed learning about star sign jewellery, then join us soon in part 2 for the remaining star signs.