Welcome to the 2nd and final part of our start sign jewellery article.  We are now aware that each star sign has a gemstone associated with it in the same way that each month has a birthstone, and we now review the remaining, outstanding six star signs.


For those born under the star sign of Leo, they are renowned for being confident, natural leaders with the star stone onyx, they could be well balanced by wearing amethyst for patience and creativity.


For Virgo, the stone is carnelian and although we don't use this in our jewellery, we can recommend that this earth sign wears stones associated with air signs for balance.  Peridot and garnet are both suitable for providing balance as garnet promotes passion and love as well as being good for courage and hope.  As Virgos are practical and analytical they can sometimes need a hand to get in touch with their emotions and garnet is ideal for this, as well as amethyst.


The astrological stone for Libra is peridot and this gorgeous green gem features in a lot of our jewellery, as well as being on trend this year.  Libra is an air sign, so would be balanced by earth sign stones and by stones which complement their natural qualities of fairness and grace.  Librans tend to be very outgoing and sociable, so amethyst is great for encouraging reflection and calm. 


Scorpio, another water sign, has two potential astrological stones, emerald or aquamarine.  We have stunning jewellery with these stones in so there's no shortage of options.  Fire sign stones will help balance Scorpios, so topaz is a good choice, as well as amethyst, because Scorpios can be very stubborn and amethyst helps to balance this out.


Sagittarians have topaz as their astrological stone, and it is also the birthstone for December.  As a fire sign, the water signs are balancing so amethyst, emerald or aquamarine are all good options.  Sagittarians are funny, outgoing and generous, so amethyst would be a real calming influence for them, while aquamarine will lend clarity of thought and tolerance while promoting self-expression. 


Finally, Capricorn has ruby as its astrological stone.  Capricorn is an earth sign and they tend to be serious, independent and disciplined.  They may need a hand letting their hair down, so aquamarine and garnet are good options for promoting self-expression and passion. 


If you're looking for a gift this year, or something to treat yourself why not opt for a gemstone that promotes qualities which balance out your natural traits?  We can still wear our birthstones or astrological stones, but it is good know which ones can help bring our traits we want to develop, or help us in situations that are outside our comfort zones.