Christmas shopping last year was a bit different to the usual experience.  While high street shops were open, many of us stayed away due to the risk of catching Covid in a crowded shop or on public transport.  A general trend towards shopping online spiked in 2020, as more of us opted to Christmas shop from the comfort of our own homes – we can't deny it is much more enjoyable to have a glass or two of mulled wine and a stack of mince pies within easy reach while shopping than it is to be fighting through the crowds.


It's clear that this online trend will continue and while no lockdown is on the horizon, that doesn't mean we should assume that Christmas shopping will be business as usual.  The problems we might face this year are driver shortages, meaning stock may not be delivered to the shops for you to purchase in person, and drivers may have to be redeployed to ensure that vital goods and services are available.  The latest toy might be absolutely vital to a child, but if there's a decision to be made between delivering toys and medical supplies, the medical supplies will win.


So, once again, we're urging people to start their Christmas shopping early.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can be sure that your vital gifts aren't going to be held up in a delivery queue and you won't miss out because of a last minute rush on certain products.  There is undoubtedly a sense of satisfaction (some might call it smugness!) to be had if you're ahead of the pack with gift buying, but there's a financial benefit to starting early because you're able to spread the cost across more paydays.  It also means you can get into the festive spirit as soon as you want because it's never too early to start wrapping and who knows, you might actually get to relax on Christmas Eve this year rather than spending it knee deep in bags, wrapping paper and sticky tape!


Another benefit of starting early is that you can start initiating conversations about items you think people might like, without them realising you're scoping them out for Christmas gifts – if most people aren't thinking about Christmas they won't twig when you ask for their opinion on something as you try to work out what to buy.


Jewellery is an ideal gift to buy early, because it's not perishable and it's small enough to hide away somewhere it won't be found by the intended recipient.  Jewellery for Christmas gifts are also perfect because the pieces you buy won't suddenly drop out of style – we design all our jewellery with longevity in mind, both in terms of build quality and fashion, so any Amore Argento jewellery you give will be worn for many years to come, even as clothing styles change.


Why not follow us on social media (if you don't already) and share our posts with the people you think would appreciate our pieces as a gift?  You can also tag people in posts and then you'll see their reply.  Using social media for gift-clue sleuthing is a great way to find out whether someone loves or loathes something without being too obvious about it.


If the intended recipient is an indecisive soul then an Amore Argento jewellery gift card is a perfect present, allowing them to choose something they love in their own time, but knowing that it came from you.  So, whether you find what you're looking for straight away, have to do a bit of subtle digging, or opt straight for a gift card, Amore Argento is the ideal place to start your Christmas shopping early.