Welcome back to our selection of Amore Argento jewellery that invokes the spirit of Strictly Come Dancing and the glitter ball trophy.  Whether you're wearing it on a night out or donning it to get into the groove to watch your favourite couple, our glittering jewellery is the ideal homage to our favourite Saturday night show.


In part one we looked at our strictly sparkly necklaces, so now we turn our attention to earrings.  Of course, you could choose the costume jewellery route and get a pair of mini glitter ball earrings but these aren't the sort of thing you would wear again for another special occasion, while our jewellery is designed to become one of your jewellery box staples.


Our Luna Collezione stud earrings are a classic, sophisticated design which combines two swirls of sterling silver, one pavé set with cubic zirconia, that join in the centre around another cubic.  These embody the spirit of the glitter ball without resorting to pastiche and they're a classy option for a Strictly themed night which will also work for other occasions, even in the office.  The matching necklace completes the look.


If you love the swirl design of the two circle shapes but you prefer a more streamlined finish then our Seductive earrings are for you.  These elegant studs have a central circle of pavé set cubic zirconia with a slightly offset outer halo of sterling silver.  There's a matching necklace if you want to wear a two-piece, or you could wear these earrings with a high necked top for a very chic look.


The Simply Twinkly earrings are a real showstopper, with a riot of cubic zirconia pavé set in five lines down the studs.  As glittering earrings go, you can't get much more sparkly than these so they're perfect for Strictly nights, as well as any night you want to go out dancing.  Even in the low light of a nightclub or dance event these sparkly stunners will catch the light as you twirl and move around the dance floor just like a glitter ball.  The Hollywood clip earrings weave strands of sterling silver together, with some set all over with cubic zirconia for dazzle.  These skirt the line between elegant refinement and out-there attention grabbing, so if you're flirting with the idea of being a bit more outgoing the Hollywood earrings are the ones you want adorning your lobes.


For a more understated sparkle our Summer Heat stud earrings give you that circle motif with the glitter of cubic zirconia in the form of a hoop but without the fiddly hoop earring catch that can be awkward to fasten.  These are ideal for daywear as they're not too showy, but with a sequin covered top these will give you that glittery look in a very cute way.


As we're looking at emulating the Strictly glitter ball and paying tribute to the iconic show, we couldn't overlook rings as a way of adding even more sparkle to your look.  Our Twinkly ring is the perfect partner to the Simply Twinkly earrings, as it also has five lines of pavé set cubic zirconia flanked by two bands of sterling silver which frame the dazzling stones.


Our Ebony ring uses a similar style – multiple bands of silver, some set with cubic zirconia, weave into this gorgeous ring, which is the ideal foil for the Hollywood earrings.  If you're looking for a twosome to wear, but you don't want an exact match then this pair will be a winning combination, even Craig would get his 10 paddle out for this look.


The Honeycombe ring uses a clever millgrain technique to mount the cubic zirconia which makes up this gorgeous, glittering piece of hand candy.  The stones sing in these mounts which are set in a hexagonal honeycomb design for maximum impact.   If you like this offset style then you'll fall in love with the Priti ring, a dazzling piece with two rows of mid-sized cubic zirconia across the top, gaps filled with even more stones.  Although not strictly pavé set, the Priti ring glitters with the best of them.


Finally, our aptly-named Dazzle ring uses pavé set stones across the shoulders, reaching up towards the single, central cubic zirconia in a beautiful, sparkling tribute to the glitter ball trophy.  This ring would look great with any of the necklaces and earrings we have showcased here for a look that embodies all that glitters about Strictly in a style that is flattering to everyone.


We hope you enjoyed this selection of Strictly stunning jewellery, which piece will you be wearing as you cheer on your favourite couple?