We've looked at the different styles of ring bands available and the advantages of each type, so now we're turning our attention to a selection of rings for any occasion, starting with an upmarket evening event.  Typically the jewellery you wear at a sophisticated soiree, are your showier, bolder items which would look out of place at work.  You should still adhere to Coco Chanel's infamous advice about over-accessorising (always take off the last thing you put on), so that the pieces you do wear get the attention they deserve.  A ring is a perfect item of jewellery for this type of event, as you'll be holding a glass and therefore showing your hands.


Our cocktail rings in blue, purple, or multiple colours are perfect for posh events, but similarly, something like our Priti ring, featuring a double band of cubic zirconia or our Blue Lagoon ring with its large emerald cut topaz are great for these events.  They're bold and unapologetically attention grabbing in exactly the right way for an upscale event, where everyone will be wearing their finery and showcasing their jewels.  It was actually this desire to show off which got cocktail rings their name, as during prohibition people wanted to cram all their fun into their illegal drinking time, so women would wear their brightest and best jewels all set into a cluster ring when they went to speakeasy cocktail parties.


If you're going out for a nice meal, or to the theatre or cinema, then you won't want something quite as bold to wear – it will be dark and you'll be focusing on eating or the entertainment, so you can get away with something a little more toned down than a cocktail ring.  Our Opulent ring (or Opulent Blue) is an understated star, with its modern style and nod to high fashion this is the ideal accessory for a night out and can even work well in the office, making it a versatile choice for those days when you're going from one place to another and need an outfit that will work in every situation.


Our Ebony ring is another crowd pleaser.  It's quite big but because it uses lots of smaller stones and textures of sterling silver it is also modest.  This ring would be ideal as a favourite daily ring if you like to glam up, because it's striking but not in a showy sort of way.  This would make a perfect gift for someone who loves to accessories with sparkle every day.


Our Cool and Cool Blue rings are similar in style to our Classico rings, and these pieces are ideal for a daytime look, as well as being a good option for evening events when paired with their matching pieces for an ensemble look.  These vintage inspired styles are great for dressing up and down, so can be matched with a casual Sunday outfit to lift old favourites to new heights, or with a formal, decorative gown for a touch of refinement.


Lastly, our Snow Dome rings, available with peridot, amethyst or topaz, are perfect for the office, lunch with friends, the school run and even just staying in on a wet weekend.  These sleek rings are very versatile, modern and make ideal gifts for August, February or December birthdays respectively, as they are the birthstones for those months.