This summer might be a little different than we were expecting, but if we're catching up with friends and family over Zoom or other video messaging platforms, we can still look our best and treat ourselves to some new jewellery to add a bit of brightness to our lives.  Our sterling silver hoop earrings are perfect for this, and with many people opting for an up-do to keep their hair off their face in the sun hoop earrings really come into their own.


Our sterling silver hoop earrings are made with solid silver, rather than hollow tubes like some cheaper jewellery brands.  This means they won't bend or become damaged easily so they're ideal for wearing all day, whether you're doing a bit of light gardening, some gentle exercise or barbequing with your family. 


Our Summer Sun hoops are a classic pair of plain sterling silver hoops, which go with absolutely anything.  This simple elegance makes an outfit look instantly classy and with many of us having a break from our normal hair care and make up routines, we're all for anything that lifts a look with minimal effort.  Add these earrings to a pair of tailored linen trousers and a nice top for a European royalty look, or with beachy waves in your hair and a flowing maxi dress for a Miami vibe.


With an edgier take on the plain hoop, our Summer Breeze earrings have a square, rather than round profile.  Still a classic look, these hoops instantly add a modern edge to your look and are ideal for teenagers and young adults, who need something classic but which still stands out from the crowd.  These hoops will work with office wear, casual outfits and lend a cool air to formal dresses.  Our Summer Time earrings use a bubble style profile for a fun take on the classic sterling silver hoop earring.  These would look fantastic paired with the Dimple or Vita studs for a multiple lobe piercing, to create a modern look that still appears stylish.


Drawing on the bubble style of the Summer Time earrings, we have the Summer Shade and Summer Fun earrings.  The central large bubble on these earrings is replaced with an iolite or amethyst stone.  Both are purple in tone, with the iolite bringing a violet shade and the amethyst a more vibrant purple.  These earrings are ideal to wear with a pretty summer dress, yet would look just as good with shorts and a t-shirt for a fun edge to a classic summertime look.


If you like a bit of sparkle then our Summer Heat and Summer Nights earrings are perfect for you.  Both are studded with cubic zirconia, in our Summer Heat earrings the row of claw settings gives an interesting side profile to the earrings and add texture, perfect for balancing poker straight hair.  The Summer Nights earrings use channel setting for the cubic zirconia, giving them a sleek side profile which creates an elegant air.  Both styles catch the light in their own way and look amazing with a messy bun or beachy waves tied back in a low ponytail.


Our Summer Loving earrings mix topaz with cubic zirconia, for a look that really evokes the sparkling sun on the ocean waves.  These earrings are fabulous for a daytime look that can transition into the evening seamlessly.  We love the sparkle of the topaz and because these earrings use the same claw setting style as the Summer Heat ones, you get that texture on the side profile as well as glimpses of the topaz stones which really bring to mind the first glimpse of the sea of a beach holiday. 


We may not be going on lavish foreign holidays this year, but we can bring a bit of the magic home by accessorising with these gorgeous summer themed sterling silver hoop earrings.