Summer is a great time for romance.  The weather allows for all sorts of creative date ideas you can't do in the winter, and those long summer evenings are perfect for couples to spend talking about their love, life and the future.  Whether you're part of an established couple or looking for a holiday romance that might turn into something more, our heart shaped jewellery is a lovely way to express your love for one another.


Our sterling silver heart shaped jewellery makes the ideal token of your affection, and with beautiful sterling silver and cubic zirconia adornments our Love and Kisses Moonlight collection is perfect for new couples who are still getting to know each other's tastes.  Silver looks great on anyone and because it's a neutral colour it will go with all colours and styles of outfit.  The collection features a necklace, bracelet, ring and choices of earrings – one set with two hearts and another with a heart and kiss shape.  If your beloved has multiple ear piercings the mix set is great because they can wear both in one ear or split them over the piercings.  If you're really falling for them why not get two pairs, so they can wear both at the same time?


Rose gold really embodies the first blushes of love, and with reductions across the range now is a great time to pick up some lovely gifts for your partner.  This collection uses the same design inspiration as the Moonlight collection but the hearts are rose gold plated, while the kisses are sterling silver with cubic zirconia.  These pieces are great value and really send the message that you're passionate about your lover.


Our Love necklaces spell it out for when you want to be absolutely sure your partner knows you love them.  The “o” is accented with a cubic zirconia or amethyst, to bring sparkle to the necklace and represent the shining light of your life.  These are perfect for young couples and are ideal as the first piece of jewellery you give to your beloved.


We have several heart shaped pendants studded with glittering cubic zirconia, with a range of styles and sizes that will suit everyone.  Our Love You and Love You Baby necklaces use our distinctive heart shaped logo which looks fantastic as jewellery, while others, like the Hearts Entwined or Love Me pieces use multiple heart shapes in the design to add interest. 


For a summer wedding anniversaries, our Love Life sapphire (5 and 45 years) or ruby (15, 40 and 80 years) pieces make the ideal gift to show your love for so many years.  These gorgeous necklaces and earrings not only represent these anniversaries, but are also a lovely gift no matter what the occasion.  The precious gems are interspersed with cubic zirconia to create a stunning effect and we think these will be worn as soon as they are opened.


If you're loved up this summer but looking for something without heart shapes, why not give a promise or eternity ring?  These are rings you give as a signal of your intention to marry without actually popping the question and for new couples who have really clicked, but don't want to rush in these rings are ideal.  Our cubic zirconia pieces such as the It's Love or Simply I Love U rings are stunning as promise rings, with the look of an engagement ring without the obligation. 


If you're looking for love, or looking to express yourself in a relationship this summer, our jewellery collection has the perfect symbolic gifts that will be adored by all.