Our Sweet Violet necklace and earring set makes a lovely gift.  The delicate purple tones of amethyst look great on most people, so in terms of colour you can be confident that they'll suit your giftee.  Amethyst is one of the few gemstones associated with nearly all the positive attributes linked to other stones, so if your giftee is into crystals and healing they'll love wearing amethyst as a mood booster, clarity-bringer and all round watchful eye.  The round cut central amethyst is surrounded by sparkling cubic zirconia on a mount which keeps both types of stone flush with each other – seen from the side these earrings have a beautiful circular accent all around the edge of the mount.  This design feature is recreated in the necklace pendant which also makes the stones stand out against your clothing. 


As a set for a reserved or innocent personality the Sweet Violet duo is ideal, but if your giftee is extroverted and bold then our Vivacious Violet duo (earrings and ring) are a good match.  The large cushion cut amethysts sit in a sturdy claw mount with modern styling which makes the stones really pop as earrings.  The ring uses a larger stone for maximum impact, using the same modern style mount.  The shoulders of the Vivacious Violet ring are adorned with cubic zirconia for a little extra sparkle to make that amethyst shout.  Our Amethyst Vivid necklace would work well with the Vivacious pieces, or as a more understated alternative for the Sweet Violet set.


We have a wide range of amethyst jewellery from earrings to bangles and everything in between, so if you're on the lookout for a modern, stylish piece of jewellery with amethyst (the February birthstone) then look no further than Amore Argento.