Topaz is a hard, silicate based gemstone making it very durable for jewellery and other purposes.  Most naturally found topaz is yellow or brown in colour and it is often confused with citrine, which is a similar colour.  Blue and colourless topaz is quite rare but is found naturally in Africa and Texas – most blue topaz used in jewellery making have been heat treated to change the colour from a yellow or grey to a more desirable pure blue.


Topaz is considered by gemmologists to be a stone that improves communication and clarity of thought, as well as increasing one's attention span.  It is said to be a good stone for aiding in finishing projects to perfection and for amplifying psychic abilities; it is also thought to be helpful in clarifying the palate for tasting food and wine – ideal for anyone who loves cooking and baking.


Our Purity, Vivo and Orbit birthstone designs are available with topaz as the stone and they make ideal birthday gifts.  All three are stylishly simple making them suitable for any taste – they'll go with anything and they're cost effective, very important in a month where we're buying gifts for almost everyone we know. 


One common bugbear of people born in December is that they're often given one present to cover both their birthday and Christmas, leaving them with little to open on one of those occasions.  It's not the end of the world to have fewer things to open at Christmas, but in the interests of fairness it is nice to give something for both events.  This is where ensembles like our Spicy Blue come into play.  These gorgeous earrings and matching necklace feature stunning oval cut topaz stones held in a modern mount with a cubic zirconia accent just to add a little more sparkle.  These pieces are ideal to give in two stages, one piece for a birthday and the other for Christmas.  They're perfect for parties and the social occasions that spring up across the festive period and would also be the perfect addition to a New Year's Eve outfit.


Our Peardrop ensemble is another lovely two-piece set, which uses a classic shape to create pieces with timeless glamour.  The pear shape cut was invented in the 15th century and has been a popular shape ever since, appearing on some of the world's most famous jewellery.  Our Peardrop pieces are mounted with cubic zirconia surrounding the main stone which directs the light beautifully.  If your giftee has a more eccentric style our Wild Spirit ensemble is ideal – topaz nestles atop a swirling silver mount evoking the eye of a storm.  If your giftee is wild at heart these pieces will appeal.


If the idea of gifting different pieces from the same collection appeals to you why not get some of the family involved and gift a whole set between you?  Our Blue Lagoon collection is very popular and it's right on trend – large emerald cut gems are in, but they're also a style which doesn't date easily so they can be worn at many different events for years to come.  Nature lovers and gardeners will adore the Daisy Blue collection featuring earrings, a necklace and a ring.  This pretty design looks fantastic with a relaxed chic outfit and really comes into its own during the garden party season.


To cover both the birthday and Christmas gifts with four pieces our Rhapsody in Blue collection is ideal and with different price points you can suit the budgets of different people while making the right impact with your gifts.  Different shades of topaz complement each other in the cascading design which evokes a feeling of waterfalls and scattering raindrops.  The Regal Blue collection is another stunning set with two necklaces to choose from – give one or both depending on your budget.  This is the perfect gift for people who love getting dressed up and going out and is sure to become a firm favourite.


We have much more tantalising topaz jewellery to peruse, so check out our other designs for more inspiration.