A design we're very fond of is our Fantasia collection.  We have combined geometric shapes to create a modern aesthetic with flush mounted stones for that sleek edge.  Our original Fantasia collection was sterling silver with cubic zirconia; cool, elegant and perfect for any occasion.  Since then we have added the Fantasia Mix styles to the collection, which use coloured gemstones to really make the design pop.  We have added citrine, peridot, amethyst, topaz and garnet to a bangle and a ring along the lines of the original Fantasia Mini bangle, which has twin strands instead of the five found on the Fantasia bangle.


The Fantasia collection includes a necklace which combines the circular shape of the stone mounts and the strong lines of the design into a modern pendant that will be right at home in your day-to-day get up for any occasion.  It is stunning, sparkly, yet still modern enough to be the centrepiece of a strong look.  The Fantasia collection doesn't currently include earrings, but we have several designs that would work well, including the Orbit earrings with cubic zirconia, the April birthstone.  The Orbit collection also has options that will match with the stones on the Fantasia Mix pieces, so there are plenty of options for adding to this look.


The Fantasia bangles are perfect for combining into a stacked look, and with three options to choose from now, you could combine the original 5 strand Fantasia bangle with the Fantasia Mix bangle for a stylish and modern look.  Add the original, Mini or Mix ring and you've got a really strong aesthetic going, ideal for wearing with single, neutral colours to make the jewellery really stand out.  The chunky Fantasia bangle uses channel set cubic zirconia on two of the five bands for extra sparkle, and sometimes just this bangle and the matching necklace is all you need to turn an everyday outfit into something special, because the bangle makes a statement all on its own.  This design motif is also repeated in the pendant.


The Fantasia rings are also gorgeous on their own, with the original Fantasia ring using four strands and the Mini using three.  Wear two on the same hand for a statement look, or mix and match with the other Fantasia jewellery to create lots of different looks from the same collection.  This is one of the things that make the Fantasia collection so popular, its versatility.


Although we think anyone can wear this design and look fabulous, it is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults alike, thanks to its fresh and modern design.  The geometric styling means it is right on trend when that style is in fashion, but it never really goes out of style and looks great with anything, from a casual outfit to a prom dress or ball gown.


If you're looking for a great jewellery gift for older teenagers and young adults the Fantasia collection is perfect.  It's even ideal for twins and sisters who are close in age, because they can swap and share pieces between them and you know it will suit both of them however they choose to wear these pieces.  The fact that there are 8 pieces in the collection, with options for matching birthstone earrings from the Orbit collection means you've got several birthday and Christmas gifts wrapped up already!  Our heart shaped presentation box and polishing cloth set our jewellery apart as a great gift and one that will be treasured for many years to come.