Finally, after a long, arduous 12 months, we are looking at the bright light at the end of the tunnel.  We must still be cautious, but we think the easing of lockdown and the return to a more normal life is something to be celebrated.  It's a kind of rebirth for everyone, so what better way to mark the milestones out of lockdown than with some birthstone jewellery which represents each month and each change to the rules?


April sees the return of trips to the hairdresser, sunny afternoons in the pub garden and domestic holidays, which is the perfect excuse to get your favourite cubic zirconia or diamond jewellery on.  The birthstone for April is diamond (or cubic zirconia – any clear stone, including rock crystal, will do).  If you have lost a loved one and inherited a piece of diamond jewellery this is the ideal time to wear it, to celebrate the start of life for the rest of us and to keep a piece of that person with you to remember them.


We think our Serenity collection is ideal for this month, as the experience of once again meeting friends for a relaxed, serene afternoon of catching up and socialising is encapsulated perfectly in this set.  Stud earrings and a matching necklace both use four claw set stones arranged around a cross, which represents the crossroads we will be at in April.  These pieces are very versatile, so they're perfect for a meal with the family at a pub, a long-awaited holiday or to complement your new hairdo. 


Our Circle of Life cubic collection is also a nice way of wearing the April birthstone and paying homage to the lifecycle, something that is very much in the forefront of our minds as we emerge from one of the toughest periods in living memory.  As a tribute to a lost loved one, or to mark the occasion of a new member of the family the Circle of Life earrings and necklace are perfect, whether as a gift or as a treat for yourself.


The Lifeline bracelet would be ideal to pair with either the Serenity or Circle of Life pieces as the micro-set cubic zirconia on each alternate link will pick up the spring sun and finish off your outfit with just the right amount of sparkle.  Our Fantasia pieces are also perfect to match with these sets as the circular motif (in the form and the design) also nods to the idea of the lifecycle, but also of strength, commitment and unity.


In May we can expect to be able to go for a meal in a restaurant with another household, we can attend weddings with up to 30 guests and we can once again socialise indoors, albeit in a small gathering rather than an all-out party.  Although the weather will be more suited to outdoor social activities, the option of moving indoors when it gets cold, or when it rains, means we can actually make plans that we won't have to abandon should the weather turn nasty.  We can also go to the cinema, museums, and even travel abroad, depending on the restrictions in place in your destination at the time.


The birthstone for May is emerald, a beautiful, deep green which instantly brings to mind new life and the colours of spring.  Our Circle of Life earrings have an emerald option, so if you like the representation of the lifecycle and the opportunity for new growth then these are the perfect earrings to wear on a date to the theatre, a long-awaited wedding or a family barbecue.  Our Apollo Green necklace is ideal as a match for the Circle of Life earrings, as the design and stone both work together to combine life, healing energy and youth, all things which tie in perfectly with the new normal.  Emeralds are believed to be rejuvenating, combatting ageing and breathing new life to tired organs, which is perfect for anyone recovering from Covid as the necklace sits across your chest, imparting that healing power to your heart and lungs.


Join us for part two where we take our pick of the best Amore Argento jewellery for June.