Welcome back to our pick of the best jewellery to wear as we ease our way out of lockdown.  In June we can expect that life will be recognisable as fairly normal.  By this time it is expected that most adults in the UK will have had their first vaccination and the restrictions on social mixing can be largely lifted.  We may not see quite the packed crowds at sporting events that we have been used to in the past, and music festivals will be much smaller affairs, if they go ahead at all, while the government assesses the impact of large events on transmission.  On the bright side, we can have family holidays again, we can stay overnight with friends and relatives and we can have a day trip to the beach or a beauty spot.


The birthstone for June is pearls, a very apt one for this year.  Pearls are a thing of natural beauty, but they can only form when an irritant is introduced to the shellfish that create them.  As a metaphor for emergence from a pandemic this is perfect – what started life as a huge annoyance and inconvenience has become something beautiful due to the combined efforts of the public and healthcare teams to protect, treat and rehabilitate patients.  There are many other beautiful things to come from the experience. 


The sense of community in towns and villages across the nation has been restored; people are more likely to look out for each other and be considerate of those with disabilities or life-limiting health conditions, and we have all had time to reflect on our lives and adjust our priorities.  There have been some major gains in the natural world too, with a reduction in air and water pollution, the closing of the hole in the ozone layer and a renewed focus on protecting the environment for future generations.


Our Vita pearl stud earrings and matching necklace are the perfect pieces to wear in June to mark the rebirth of society.  Vita means “life” so it is very apt that we wear these pieces as life begins again.  Our Harmony pearl earrings are also ideal, as we can truly say that harmony has been restored once we are able to spend quality time with our nearest and dearest.


Pearl jewellery is often included in heirloom collections and is passed down the generations.  A string of pearls used to be almost part of the uniform for society ladies, and the look was popular for all women, no matter what social class they were considered to be.  Pearls are having something of a renaissance at the moment, perhaps because of their association with turning a negative into a positive and the beauty of the natural world; so while there is plenty of new pearl jewellery being made, this year is also the perfect time to dig out your inherited pearl jewellery and wear it with pride.


As with our idea of wearing inherited diamond jewellery in April, we think wearing inherited pearl jewellery in June marks the debt of gratitude we have to older generations and celebrates the lives of those who went before us.  Heirloom jewellery is often kept “for best” and rarely worn, so this year make sure you get out those beloved pieces and give them the showcase they deserve, while you enjoy the memories of the loved ones who bestowed those gifts upon you.