Pearls are a long-time staple of every jewellery collection.  They do fluctuate in and out of favour to some extent, but they're a classic which will always have a place.  If you're concerned that pearls might look too fussy, or age you, we urge you to think again.  Worn with a modern flair, pearls can be absolutely stunning on everyone.


Pearl earrings are the easiest way to wear pearls.  Their delicate lustre flatters all skin types, so wearing them close to your face is a good look.  Simple studs such as our Purity pair are a good introduction, but equally some dangly styles can be super flattering, such as our Pearldrop pair.  If you want some really elegant pearl earrings for evening wear then our Twinkle with a Twist are ideal for a glamorous look.  We also have three styles of clip-on pearl earrings, so don't despair if you don't have pierced ears, you can still get in on the action with our comfort back clip-ons.


One way of bringing pearls up to date is to wear different lengths of necklace, and because our chains are all adjustable to be worn at different lengths it's a doddle to get this look with Amore Argento.  Team our Tassel pearl necklace with our Full Moon one for a sophisticated and modern look.  The duo of the round pearls will create a nice coherence to your look, while the silver chains on the Tassel necklace help elongate your top half.


If you want to make pearls more wearable the trick is to wear them all the time, make it part of your signature style and work some pearl jewellery into every outfit.  People often fall into the trap of saving pearls for best, or because they've inherited them they are scared to wear them out and about.  Wear your pearls with pride and embrace that look and you'll not only look fantastic, but the extra confidence you will exude will boost your mood and lift up those around you.  Start off by wearing some pearl jewellery to work as an easy first step, and then try wearing some at the supermarket until you're at the stage where you'll quite happily do the vacuuming in your pearls.  A word of advice though, don't expose pearls to chemicals including skin lotion, washing up liquid and perfumes; always remove your jewellery before using these and allow any lotions or sprays to sink into the skin before putting your pearls on.


You could get creative with your pearls, and try working a pearl ring into a hairstyle – pick a style where several strands of plaits or ponytails come together and slip a ring over one or more of the strands.  This will add a subtle pearl accent to your chic updo and you can add other rings to this style, perhaps ones you have inherited that don't fit, or that are too bulky for your hands.


Mixing our modern pearl jewellery with pieces you have inherited is also a great way of wearing older pieces without dating your whole look.  The old and new will complement each other, and if you go for a sleek, modern outfit as a backdrop for the relationship between the old and new, then our overall look will be bold, stunning and perfectly modern.