When we design our jewellery we keep in mind that our customer base is diverse, with different tastes and styles, so we design versatile pieces, some with a really modern look, and others which hark back to the classic styles we see in antique jewellery.  Our Apollo necklaces fit firmly into that category, but as ever, we've added a little twist by turning the pendant on its side, rather than the traditional orientation.


Apollo was the Greek god of youthful beauty, so the association with this style is no accident, bringing a touch of freshness to a classic design style.  The chain for this necklace is a little bolder than our usual curb chain, but this accentuates the modern aspects of the design.  The cluster style features a large oval stone in the centre, encircled with a halo of sparkling cubic zirconia.  This look is strong and bold, and is ideal for dressing up and special occasions.  We have used precious sapphires, emeralds and rubies for this exclusive collection making these necklaces a very special gift indeed.


The design itself draws heavily on ancient jewellery styles – look at the jewellery in fantasy films and TV shows and you will see similarities in style between those looks and our Apollo necklaces – Princess Diana's engagement ring has a lot in common with the sapphire Apollo necklaces making it a great gift for fans of the Royals.  The Duchess of Cambridge now wears that ring, and we wonder whether the Duke might order our Apollo necklace to go with it.  If you're reading, William, we'd be very happy to supply you!


Sapphires are the birthstone for September, emeralds for May and ruby for July, so these associations add a special personal touch when given as a birthday gift.  They are also used to represent significant milestone marriage anniversaries, so if you're stuck for a good gift for a special celebration why not give an Apollo necklace?  The beautiful heart shaped presentation box and polishing cloth add a special touch when given as a present.


For complementary pieces check out our Classico collections.  With the same stones, and a similarly antique style inspiration the rings and earrings would look fantastic paired with the Apollo necklaces; a pairing that will enhance the beauty of each piece and make it look like a well put-together ensemble.