If you've made New Year's resolutions for 2020 we hope you're enjoying success with those, especially at this early stage.  Studies suggest that an astounding 75% of people have ditched their plans within the first 30 days, and only 20% of resolutions are successful in the long term.  With that in mind we've selected the best gemstones to help with specific resolutions, and some beautiful jewellery you can treat yourself to when you achieve your first month (or week!) of success.


Amethyst is often considered to be a panacea of gemstone power, helping with nearly everything as it is renowned for helping with de-stressing, problem solving, and attaining balance in our lives.  If your resolution was to be calmer and reduce stress, then amethyst is a great stone for helping with that.  Our amethyst necklaces are the perfect reward and support for this goal, and with matching earrings available you can also get yourself a second treat for completing a second month of your resolution.  Forming a new habit takes weeks of careful planning and sticking to your guns, so by the time you've bought your second reward you'll be well on the way to a balanced, stress-free life.


Citrine is also fantastic for clearing negative energy and promoting personal growth, so combining the two stones will give you an unstoppable motivation to reduce stress and become more content.  You can combine pieces to bring you the benefits of both, perhaps with amethyst earrings and a citrine necklace.  We particularly love necklaces as a way to wear healing and helping gemstones, as they're close to your heart and easy to see and touch when you need a reminder of your goals.


When you're well on your way to reduced stress and a balanced life you should treat yourself to a nice reward for having stuck with your resolution, and lapis lazuli is the ideal stone.  It represents enlightenment and self-awareness, as well as self-expression, and this Star Catcher necklace is the perfect embodiment of those traits.  A gorgeous deep blue cabochon lapis lazuli sits in a stunningly simple silver mount, in a design which evokes calm and confidence.  Blue is a calming colour, and the rich tones in the lapis lazuli stone certainly bring a sense of tranquillity when you look at it, so you can even influence the people around you by wearing this necklace at times of heightened stress.


Overcoming a fear, or trying something outside your comfort zone is a great resolution – we're more likely to achieve resolutions which see us doing something new rather than stopping something, like giving up chocolate, for example.  If you're a serial resolution-quitter try setting a “try something new” resolution than a “stop something” one.  Aquamarine is great for helping people overcome fear and to change something about themselves, so if you need a helping hand with booking that bungee jump, dance class or language course, aquamarine is the stone for you.  We have a simple and pretty necklace and matching earrings which are ideal for giving you the courage to face your fear, and reward yourself when you have done it.


Peridot is a great stone for helping with all these resolutions, as it is known for its ability to reduce stress and jealousy and promote confidence and insight.  It's also a fabulous colour for spring, so if you're starting to waver in your resolve after a few months of the year, then a peridot piece is ideal for getting you back on track.  Its ability to soothe jealousy is perfect for people who might feel bad they've lost the way with their resolution, when others around them have been successful, and the added confidence boost helps steer people back onto the right track.  The Snow Dome ring would be ideal, as it will be visible to you whenever you wear it and the unique design means it will draw admiration which will help your self-esteem no end.


If you're determined to get fit, or to make 2020 the year of love, then garnet is the stone you need by your side.  It is known for being a stone of passion and pleasure, as well as helping with your general health.  Combining garnet and aquamarine creates an unstoppable force to help with getting fit, changing your diet or even starting a fitness class, and you never know who you might meet at the gym!  With a wide selection of pieces garnet is adaptable and flattering for many different personal styles and the colour is simply divine. 


We wish you the best of luck with your New Year's resolutions, and if you need a helping hand you know where to come for some gemstone power and beautiful treats.