Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, and not just in the sky.  Adopted as a symbol of hope and of support for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, they have been proudly displayed in windows and hung on buildings all across the country.  It's no surprise then, to find that the jewellery and fashion set have latched onto this trend and made it the must-have accessory for this summer.


Our Jelly Bean necklace embodies this trend perfectly, featuring multiple coloured gemstones set in a wide sterling silver swirl.  The stones are mounted into open circles which allow the light to shine through them, making them really sing in different kinds of sunlight from different angles.  The smooth cabochon cut stones add a modern edge to this piece, which is currently on sale with a price reduction – get it now while you still have the chance.


Our Fantasia Mix ring and bangle are also perfectly attuned to the rainbow theme, and would make a stunning ensemble with the Jelly Bean necklace.  Flush mounted gemstones adorn the multiple strands of the signature Fantasia style, while our Razzamatazz bracelet features an assortment of coloured stones, oval cut and mounted in a classic claw setting interspersed with chunky sterling silver links.  This is a beautiful modern bracelet with a fun, charming aspect about it and will suit any age.


Our Tutti Frutti collection uses four coloured stones, so while it doesn't technically feature every colour of the rainbow like the previous options, it is a nice way to get into the rainbow trend on a subtle level.  The beautiful spray-like design evokes the separate strands of colour in a rainbow, all converging together and scattering off like different colours of light through a prism.


The Opal Fruits collection is also similarly muted in colour palette, but uses enough different colours that it definitely fits with the rainbow theme.  A more organic, natural design inspiration has been used here, so it's ideal for arty types and nature lovers who might not love the bolder styles we have.  Peridot, citrine, amethyst and topaz are used in the necklace, while the drop earrings feature amethyst, topaz and citrine to tie the look together without being fussy.


Our Rainbow Cocktail collection is also right on the pulse of the rainbow trend, combining an assortment of colours, sizes and shapes into a single piece of jewellery.  With earrings, a showy cocktail ring and a necklace this set is a showstopper for the rainbow look and would be ideal for a celebratory night out.  The Follow the Rainbow ring uses slightly more muted colour varieties of the gemstones, so if you're not sure about wearing a riot of bright colours you may find the understated tones of the Follow the Rainbow ring more wearable, easing you into the trend gently.


The new Vesper necklace was practically designed for this trend, with an inverted rainbow shape to it there's already a strong link.  Garnet, amethyst, topaz, citrine and peridot represent the main colours of the rainbow and the modern flush mount brings this piece right up to date.  It's the perfect gift for anyone, representing several birthstones in one in a style that is so versatile you could wear this to the shops or the opera and still look right at home wherever you are.  The Orbit earrings, flush mounted with a single stone, are the ideal accompaniment to the Vesper necklace, and the Snow Dome or Bubble ring styles also complement the look.