There's nothing more satisfying than having a set of matching jewellery that you can pick and choose from for different occasions.  We do love Coco Chanel's advice on accessorising - “always take off the last thing you put on”, however, there are some events where a full set is appropriate and even expected.  Weddings, black tie events and anniversary parties are all occasions when we're all dressed to the nines and using the event as an excuse to wear all our finery, so why not go all out and wear a full set?


On a normal day a full set might look over the top, but we can still choose two or three pieces from the same collection to wear together.  This creates an effortless looking style with a glamorous edge which is what our jewellery is designed for.  Holidays are another example of when a full matching set is ideal, because you can mix and match the pieces for different look every day from the same set, saving you room in your suitcase!


Our Rhapsody collections are ideal for mixing and matching, and are available with topaz (Rhapsody in Blue) or garnet, amethyst, rubellite and pink tourmaline (Rhapsody in Pink).  Topaz comes in many different shades and we have used a selection of light and dark stones, intermixed with cubic zirconia to set the colours off.  The varieties of pink and purple hued gems we use in the Rhapsody in Pink collection have the same effect when set alongside each other in this design.


Each set has a bangle, ring, drop style earrings and a necklace, with a design that sparkles from all angles.  The pendant and earrings feature the stones set in a sinuous line – in the Rhapsody in Blue collection this brings to mind waterfalls and tropical rain forests.  The ring and bangle cluster the stones more tightly together, and the way in which they use the same stones but in complementary, rather than identical settings make them perfect for mixing and matching.  You could wear the earrings and the ring, and while they look like they're from the same set they don't copy each other.  It's this aspect of the design that makes them so beautiful when worn together. 


The Rhapsody in Pink bangle has a slimmer profile than that of the Rhapsody in Blue bangle, so it would work really well as part of a bangle stack with the Blue version alongside it.  In fact, the two colour schemes can work really well together when worn with complementary colours, so by investing in both sets you can open up a whole range of possible combinations with your favourite outfits.  The two styles also work really well with a white or cream outfit for a splash of colour.  Styled in this way the jewellery stands out beautifully against the neutral colour and will draw admiration from everyone you meet.


Our Rhapsody collections are perfect for gifting, as you can build the set over several occasions, with the added bonus of not having to think what to get for at least two birthdays and Christmases.  In the same way, you can acquire the complete set over time and this is a nice way to get the family to club together for the more expensive pieces.  Whether you like pinks and purples or the cool blue, the Rhapsody collections offer a great chance to build a versatile, wearable set of jewellery that will serve you well for any occasion.