The new Seductive design from Amore Argento draws on the symbolism of the circle, often used to represent eternity and the circle of life.  It's the same reason we exchange rings when getting married, as the circular shape represents the eternity of the commitment we are making.  The custom started with the ancient Egyptians, who would weave papyrus and other organic fibres into rings to give as a sign of commitment – as they believed very strongly in the afterlife this symbol had great significance. 


Our design uses two rings; one connected to and nestled inside the other which represents the pairing of two people forever.  The inner ring is studded with cubic zirconia to signify the light that you bring to each other's lives.  The stud earrings and matching pendant look fabulous when worn together and they are ideal as gifts for an anniversary, as a pre-engagement gift or as a present to commemorate the birth of a child.


As a pre-engagement gift the Seductive set is ideal, as it doesn't confuse the message by giving a ring, showing that the ring is coming, but at the right time.  We have several designs of eternity ring that would match beautifully with the Seductive set, such as the Dazzle ring, which features a large cushion cut cubic zirconia flanked by cubic studded shoulders – this one really does dazzle.  The Luna Collezione ring is also a great match, as it also uses plain silver and cubic zirconia adorned rings in the design, with a large stone as the centrepiece.


The I Love You eternity ring is also great for complementing the Seductive necklace and earrings, while the It's Love eternity ring offers a simpler, more understated option that will appeal to people who don't normally wear big rings.


All our jewellery comes presented in a heart shaped box which reinforces the message of love, and with discounts available for multiple purchases you can order three pieces and then give them in stages, or maybe as three presents within a treasure hunt, or over a long weekend break.