As we get older our jewellery collections mature with us, perhaps with the addition of some heirloom pieces and gifts from loved ones.  When we were little, plastic beads, bright colours and butterfly pieces were stuffed into a jewellery box, probably the one with two layers and a twirling plastic ballerina, and worn with abandon – as much as we could get on.  As we get older we tend to be less bombastic in our jewellery choices, opting for metal over plastic or wood, and real stones instead of glass or plastic gems. 


This more mature jewellery is obviously more expensive than a plastic ring and a string of fake pearls, but even within the higher end jewellery market there are some things which really mark a piece as being cheap.  Of course, diamonds and huge stones are expensive, but there is a happy medium of jewellery which uses precious metals and real gemstones which is both affordable, yet looks expensive.


One of the things which really make our drop earrings look fancy is the sturdy French wire.  High street accessory shops may have nice looking earrings, but they are often very flimsy in construction and these details are a sure sign that the jewellery is cheap.  A strong silver wire looks much higher end than a cheaper thin wire, so with our earrings on you'll look a million dollars (without having to spend that!).


Less is more – this tenet applies to so many things but it's very well suited to jewellery.  Too many features on a necklace can make it look cheap, whereas well designed pendants which speak for themselves are much more grown up and expensive looking.  Necklace trends come and go as well – just look at any reality star.  Wearing jewellery that looks good on you and works with your aesthetic is much classier than wearing the latest trends, especially if they don't go that well with your look.  The statement necklace is another mistake people often make and it can draw the wrong sort of attention.  You're better off wearing something else as a statement, perhaps a cocktail ring and bold earrings with a simple necklace for a more elegant feel.


The setting of the stones within the jewellery is another indicator of quality – if stones look glued on or are poorly set, it makes the piece look cheaper and flimsy.  Our settings are all designed and worked by diamond setters, so we use the skill of experienced craftspeople to design and make our jewellery.  This can be seen in the quality of our pieces and you don't need to worry about stones coming loose.  Channel set gems are elegant and look expensive, so if you want to really wow with your pieces look for designs with this setting style.


Metal which is too shiny and brash can also make a piece look bad.  Our rhodium plating gives an expensive look to our pieces which keeps the silver from tarnishing, while also adding a sophisticated look – people might not be able to put their finger on why they love the look of your jewellery so much, but you can bet it's because it looks classy and expensive.


If you're thinking about your jewellery collection and wondering whether it could do with a little upgrade, or a few new pieces then take a look at our pieces.  We're sure you'll find something to suit your style and your pocket.