We know our customers love our style, it's why we see so many repeat customers coming back to build up the complete set of our popular designs.  Having a four-piece set of any jewellery makes it that much more wearable, because you can pick and choose which pieces to wear together and mix it up every time.  If you're attending a posh do then wearing all four pieces of a matching set can really pull your look together and it works very well in this setting – it's easy to over-accessories in day-to-day life, but an upscale event provides the perfect opportunity to go all out and wear the lot for maximum effect.


Our Tutti Frutti collection is a playful, modern set which uses amethyst, peridot, citrine and topaz together in a design that can be significant to many people.  The birthstones of February (amethyst), August (peridot), November (citrine) and December (topaz) all feature in this design, so if your family have birthdays in these months there is a great sentimental attachment to this design.


The style is inspired by geometry and nature – where you see beautiful patterns and interesting growth on plants which at first glance appears to be accidental, but on closer inspection is very deliberate.  The four bands interlaced at the front of the ring and bangle join into one at the back, with two of them adorned by micro-set cubic zirconia to add sparkle.  The necklace and earrings use this flourish style to reference the look of the ring and bangle in a pendant and stud earrings which work with almost any outfit.  The earrings are especially stunning for a glamorous night out and perfect for wearing to work when you need a mood boost.


The multiple coloured gemstones in these pieces make them work with a variety of colours, as at least one will be a subtle accent to the colours you are wearing.  They also work really well with neutral colours too, adding a little glimpse of playful colour to a pale block colour.  Worn all together as an ensemble the Tutti Frutti collection will draw admiring glances from all around, but the design is strong enough to wear one or two pieces for a more toned down look which will still be envied.


You can blow the budget and buy the complete set all at once, or perhaps build it up over a birthday and anniversary by getting a new piece for each occasion?  The great thing about building a set like this is that when someone asks what you want as a present you've got a ready-made answer for them and you're sure to like it!  Sometimes surprises aren't good ones, so safeguard yourself against getting a rubbish gift by pointing your loved ones in the direction of our website or a high street stockist.  We also offer gift cards, so you could get several family members and friends in on the purchase, all contributing what they can towards you completing the set.