Amore Argento's Vivid collection is here.  This collection of necklaces is modern, sleek and stylish – everything the modern woman wants.  Perfect for birthday gifts as birthstone jewellery these necklaces are also ideal to give in recognition of a favourite colour; as for this collection we have named each piece after the stone colour rather than drawing an obvious connection to the birthstone.


The stones are set in a rub over style mount which references the Amore heart shape in its width.  Although the overall mount is round, the subtleties of the shapes invoke a feeling of embracing and nurturing, which is a lovely statement to make with a gift.


The Vivid collection features cubic zirconia, topaz, peridot, citrine, amethyst, iolite and garnet, so there's a colour for every taste.  At present there are no earrings in the Vivid collection, but our Orbit collection of birthstone earrings has a matching pair for each necklace in a rub over setting, which is very complementary to the Vivid's modern styling.


Although iolite is not one of the birthstones we have included it in both collections, as it is proving to be a popular stone for jewellery.  With a richness and depth of violet tones that amethyst doesn't have this gem is sophisticated and elegant and pairs extremely well with other dark colours like navy blue, blacks and even rich reds, as each hue can be found in iolite as it catches different light.  For a businesswoman or other professional the iolite Vivid Violet necklace and Orbit earrings are a great choice, as they will work in the office setting as well as client lunches out and away days.


We really love the sleek lines of both these collections, and would recommend getting the same pieces with different colours which you can mix and match depending on your outfit.  You're the best judge of which colours you like to wear, so why not treat yourself to some modern accessories in your favourite tones and make accessorising easy for the working week?