Getting through 2020 was tough for all of us, and the extra restrictions over the festive period and into the start of this year have compounded the problem.  When we add the Brexit based upheaval into the equation, it's quite clear that we have endured some significantly hard times; we deserve something to cheer ourselves up and reward our resilience through this period and the hard times still ahead.


When we look at shows like The Repair Shop and hear about the journeys some of the items have been on, we can see that throughout history we have acquired and gifted items to commemorate events, to express our gratitude that our loved ones are still with us. We know that these items have a great sentimental importance within the families that own them.  This is the ideal opportunity to introduce something to the family heirloom collection which will have significance for you now, and for future generations.


We love our Angelica collection, a four piece ensemble of a necklace, bangle, ring and earrings.  This would be perfect for purchasing as a set and giving to four people in the family, or three relatives to allow you to keep one for yourself.  The angel wing motif is popular for invoking the idea of guardian angels, and that's something we would all dearly love to have at this time.  In practical terms, our family have been our guardian angels over the past 12 months and this set, given as a gift to the whole family with four people as custodians, is the perfect way to represent the support you have given each other and the fact that you will continue to look out for each other.


If you have lost a loved one this year it would be nice to remember them with a piece of jewellery that either speaks to their personal style, or features their favourite colour or birthstone.  With many families having lost relatives or friends in 2020, we think it would be nice to commemorate their life and the impact they had on you with a piece of jewellery you can wear to remember them.  You could also give jewellery that encapsulates your lost loved one to their partner or children so they can remember them in the same way.


Rings and bracelets, with their circular construction, symbolise eternity and everlasting love, so for commemorative jewellery these are both great styles to go for.  The theme of the circle of life is very important, so to represent this in a wearable form allows you to keep the memory of your loved one alive.  They are also symbolic of intentions for the future, and if you've been brought closer together by the events of the past 12 months then rings and bangles are perfect to give as gifts for future hope.


Necklaces are also nice as commemorative jewellery, as you are wearing the pendant close to your heart.  If you prefer your jewellery to be tucked out of the way because you lead an active lifestyle then a necklace is the most practical form of jewellery to wear.


With a selection of birthstones and other precious gems, and designs aimed at every taste you will find the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one from Amore Argento.