Just in time for Christmas we have added two new cross designs to our range of necklaces.  These two join our Itsy Bitsy, Twist and Turn, Twist and Sparkle and Simple Sparkle cross necklaces as this type of necklace is an ideal choice of gift for Christians and people who like the cross motif as a design choice.


Our Angelic necklace is a chunky, modern looking cross, studded with two rows of micro-set cubic zirconia on each axis.  The hanging loop is also adorned with cubic zirconia, making a grand total of 74 stones on this delightful pendant.  The sterling silver mount leaves the ends of the cross open which we think is a lovely design choice to reflect the radiant eternal love of Christ that Christians hold so dear.  At just under 3cm tall this is small enough to wear every day, but even at this compact size the pendant makes quite the impact.  If you are looking for a necklace to wear over high necked tops this one is ideal as it will be prominent against your top and will catch the light to lengthen your body.

The Angelic necklace is perfect for all ages, appealing to younger people due to the edgy, chunky styling, and to older people due to the simplicity and versatility of the piece – it will go with anything and can be worn for any occasion. 


If you're looking for something a little daintier then you'll love our Divine necklace.  This simple yet elegant cross pendant uses the classic claw setting to unite eleven glittering cubic zirconia in a gorgeous pendant that combines the classic with the understated, to create a wearable, versatile necklace.  The combination of the claw setting with the 2.3mm stones marries delicacy with robustness; this perfect match between two concepts that are opposites embodies the spirit of Christianity – if we think about the parables from the Bible we can see that often, two traits or concepts that are normally complete opposites actually work very well together to compromise, and enhance each other.


The Divine necklace would make a great Christmas gift for people who want to show their faith and be stylish about it, and because this necklace has a delicate air about it, it's perfect for casual and office wear on a day-to-day basis and will also look stunning at a wedding, christening or other family celebration.  We think this piece will become an heirloom piece for your family, so it's a great investment for yourself or as a gift.