The creator of the #neckmess, Jessica Kagan Cushman, creates some unusual and unconventional jewellery, often from items you would not associate with jewellery in any way.  While our focus is on wearable and versatile pieces for the modern woman, we love a bit of experimentation and the inspiration you can get from people who are creating bold and eccentric pieces can have a big impact on our personal aesthetic, even if we don't completely adopt a new style.  Our bespoke jewellery service means you can have a totally unique piece created for you with your design input and style rendered in precious metal and gemstones, so why not take some style cues from the #neckmess pioneer?


We love the decorated padlocks all over Cushman's Instagram feed – these dainty items work really well in a neckmess, but they'd be equally at home adorning a purse or handbag.  If you want to make a gesture of love then why not have a special padlock made for your partner which you can then affix to a special place.  The Pont des Arts in Paris used to be covered in padlocks left there by romantically inclined couples but these have all since been removed, so find a place around your hometown or around your home instead.  A decorative padlock could also be a great pre-holiday gift, which could be used to secure your suitcase.


Small metal items like padlocks are perfect for engraving and adorning with stones, turning them from everyday items into something beautiful.  Another interesting item from Cushman's feed is a pair of highly decorative nuts (as in nuts and bolts, not edible ones!).  These very unusual pieces can be worn as a charm, but would also be the ideal gift for a mechanically minded person – a chain or leather thong can be used to turn it into a necklace.  Carabiners are also great for turning into unusual jewellery – they can be engraved and studded with stones to turn them from a practical piece of mountaineering equipment into a treasured object.  If you're the creative type and you fancy giving this a go, then next time you're in a DIY store have a look at the fixings selection and see what could also be used as jewellery.


Even non-metal items can be turned into eccentric jewellery pieces.  Cushman has used pretty coloured pebbles to create items for a neckmess by studding them with gold beads, so if you know someone who loves that beachy vibe they'd love one of her pebbles.  We think a really unusual item could be made from a pebbled with holes in, by inserting small charms and beads into the cavities.  Other found items, like sea glass, can be turned into unique jewellery with the right knowledge and techniques.  If you want to try turning ordinary objects into jewellery then keep your eyes peeled on the beach and while you're out and about for items and inspiration.  Even a safety pin can be turned into a piece of jewellery.


If this has inspired you to want to try out some of your own quirky jewellery ideas then remember that our bespoke jewellery service can make whatever your heart desires.  If you have pieces in your collection that you don't wear, or a charm bracelet you love the charms on, but don't like wearing then why not have these pieces reworked into something truly magical, like unique pieces for a neckmess, a personalised padlock for your luggage or even a pebble full of treasure?