Circles are one of the most popular geometric shapes used in design, and their symbolism goes back millennia.  In many ancient religions the circle was used to represent a higher power, the heavens (especially in Chinese philosophy) and the lifecycle; these are associations which persist to the present day.  In Buddhist philosophy the circle represents enlightenment.  The moon and sun, both vital for life on earth, are circular and the sense of perpetual movement that circles have is also representative of this life force.  Circles (and ovals) are everywhere we look in the natural world, from the sun, to eggs, flower buds and patterns on insects.


One of the most universally held associations of the circle is infinity and unity, as there is no beginning, end, or angles in a circle.  Circles are also used as a symbol of protection, so their association with unity is reinforced by the idea of sanctity.  Wedding rings are a classic example of the symbolism of circles being used to represent a protective unity that will last forever.


We use circles in a lot of our jewellery, and nowhere is the inspiration more obvious than in our Bubblelicious collection.  There are two sizes of stud earrings, a small pair for everyday and office wear, and a larger pair for those times when you want to make a bigger impact.  The earrings have a matching necklace and the design motif here is circles within circles, drawing on the look of bubbles as they float through the air.  We have used cubic zirconia and amethyst in these pieces which bring to mind the bright rainbow sheen of the surface of bubbles, and the flush mounting means these pieces have a flat profile, making them ideal for women on the go, and don't want to wear anything that might catch.  The necklace pendant is transparent – we have mounted the stones in a way that the light can shine through them, so when you lean forward or move around you can be sure that the stones will dazzle and sparkle in the light.


Our Circle of Life range perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the lifecycle, a never-ending aspect of human existence.  The designs are available with either just cubic zirconia, or cubic zirconia plus emeralds, or sapphires or rubies which are ideal for birthday and anniversary presents.  These bold pieces are the ideal accompaniment to a classic outfit, as they add a touch of glamour and sophistication.  As a present to a parent, thanking them for the gift of life, or given to a partner to symbolise the strength of your union the Circle of Life pieces are unbeatable.


Our Orbit earrings draw on stellar inspiration, using the idea of a constant orbit in the flush mount which wraps around the central stone.  These are ideal for birthday presents as nearly all the birthstones are represented within this collection.  The orbital path of planets and satellites is crucial to our understanding of physics and how we apply this to the natural world; so drawing on this universal truth makes these classic stud earrings ideal for science fans and people who love simplicity in their jewellery.


Make sure to check back for part two, where we showcase more of our circle-inspired jewellery.