We're looking at the humble circle, a shape which has held great significance throughout human history.  Circles are seen in the planets, the sun, in nature and in religion and philosophy to represent unity, the life cycle and eternity.  With such a rich symbolism and sympathetic curves it's no wonder that we love using circles in our jewellery.


Our Fantasize and Fantasia collections of rings and bangles take the circle motif to new heights, with the circle represented in the shape of the pieces themselves, and further adorned with gemstones set in circular flush mounts.  These pieces are ideal for mixing and matching, so if you love the idea of wearing a stack of bangles, or a stack of rings on one hand then these collections are great investments.  This style goes with everything, but especially polka dot prints, as they mirror the circle pattern.


The Fantasia rings and bangles are available with cubic zirconia for a neutral, goes-with-everything option, or a riot of coloured stones that you can match or clash with the colours in your outfit. If you're a monochrome dresser the Fantasia pieces are the perfect way to inject a little colour into your look.  Our Fantasize rings come with either sapphires or rubies, sprinkled across the rings with cubic zirconia to add more dazzle and sparkle.  These are multi-band rings with a chunky look that has a trendy edge, but they'll never go out of style.  The Titanic ring, with its central line of stones, is a lovely piece to mix with the Fantasia and Fantasize collections.


If the multi-band ring style appeals to your then you'll adore the Concerto rings.  These are chunky and funky, with textured, ripple effect silver on the outer bands and a sprinkling of stones across the bands.  The original Concerto ring uses cubic zirconia, while the Gemma Concerto ring uses the subtle colours of amethyst, peridot, topaz and citrine gemstones to add colour in a way that will work to enhance a casual outfit, or put the finishing touches on an evening look.


The chunky ring look doesn't suit everyone – people with slim fingers may find the proportions don't flatter their hands and it can be hard to team an edgy ring with a classic dress.  Our Curio rings are the ideal middle ground, as they have multiple bands but a slimmer overall profile.  These are ideal for a classic look, as the spheres of silver that make up each band bring sophistication to these rings that elevate them to new heights.  With a choice of topaz or sapphire and cubic zirconia these rings will be your go-to accessories for nights out and special occasions.


Our Rhapsody collections are also ideal for dressing to the nines, with pink or blue options to suit your evening looks.  These four piece sets are all you need for a classy ensemble look, and whether you pile on all four pieces, or select two or three that compliment your look the best is up to you.  It's been such a long time since we had a social evening event that we think we'd go all-in and pile on the bling.  The design uses circular stones that bring to mind raindrops and waterfalls, ideal for an April social event!


Finally, our Orb pieces (either with rubies or peridot, topaz and citrine), draw on the spiritual aspect of circles and spheres.  They are inspired by light balls, spheres of energy thought to come from the spiritual realm.  The multi-coloured option represents calm, love, and safety while the ruby option represents passionate energy, a perfect gift for a partner who loves the supernatural. 


Circles are a shape that everyone can wear whether as a polka dot print or in jewellery.  The soft lines of the shape means it can be paired with a range of styles and patterns, and it will also be in style forever.  After the year we've had, it's time to treat ourselves to some jewellery that reinforces our faith in the circle of life, in safety and sanctity, and in the natural world.