Welcome back to our look at the best jewellery gifts for Valentine's Day.  We've looked at our love and romance themed pieces but if your partner isn't the sentimental type they may appreciate something that's no so overtly romantic.  Getting your loved one a gift with their birthstone in is a great way to give a sentimental gift where the meaning stays secret between the two of you.  We have earrings and necklaces for every birthstone, and rings featuring many of these gems. 


When choosing jewellery for a lover it's vital that you get something they will adore because when you give a personal gift like jewellery, you're also demonstrating how well you know them; get the wrong thing and it sends the message that you don't really understand them.  A birthstone is a sure fire way of showing that you have put thought into the gift, but if it's a colour they hate then surely they would prefer something else?


You can tell what your partner would like by the things they own and wear already, so opting for something that matches their style is a safe bet.  If you're really stuck for ideas, ask their closest friends and family for help, but make sure they're sworn to secrecy so they don't spill the beans and ruin the surprise.


If you can't be with your beloved in person there are still some ways you can be close to them without being physically near them, and you'll be used to using video calling to stay in touch by now, so that is an easy way to start feeling closer.  You might not be able to go out for dinner, but you could order them their favourite takeaway instead and eat together over the internet.  It's very easy to send flowers, food and all manner of surprises straight to their door, so the sky is the limit when it comes to showing your love from a distance.


Sending little surprises throughout the day sounds like something out of the movies, but if you're not with each other on Valentine's Day then it's a really nice way of establishing closeness.  You don't need to send a barbershop quartet or hire a skywriter, but a thoughtfully worded text, a playlist of your songs, and a slideshow of your favourite photos together are all deeply personal things that show you really love them. 


If you're in a budding relationship and want to make your intentions clear, then a piece of Amore Argento jewellery in a bubble is a cute and thoughtful way to say you want to bubble up.  Clear plastic bubbles are easy to order online and when you slip some stunning jewellery inside it your beloved will fall head over heels into your exclusive bubble.  


No matter the stage of your relationship, this Valentine's Day is certainly one to celebrate as you have been through the hardest times we'll ever have to face as a planet and you've made it through together.