The traditional Valentine's Day gifts are flowers, chocolates and heart shaped jewellery and while there are plenty of people who love sticking with tradition, and for whom it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without these gifts, there are also people who prefer something a little extraordinary or quirky.


Giving a ring on Valentine's Day is a classic gesture – whether it's an engagement ring, a promise ring or an eternity ring, Valentine’s Day is renowned for being the occasion to make a statement of commitment.  If you want to break with tradition then consider giving a different piece of jewellery instead, such as a bracelet or earrings.  A bangle or bracelet can also symbolise eternity, as they're also circular in shape – it's the shape which makes rings significant for commitment and marriage.  Choosing the right jewellery for an unconventional partner can be hard, but if you stick to colours they like and seek out something with represents their personality, you can't go wrong.


Bold, bright stones like citrine (yellow to orange), sapphires or topaz (brilliant blue) and garnets (rich red) are great for outgoing personalities and extroverts.  Garnets in particular evoke the idea of lust and love because red is the colour of passion, and they're a much more affordable alternative to rubies, which can have a more subtle tone.  Our Spicy Red earrings feature large oval garnets in a modern mount and the matching necklace makes a great extra present, alternatively you could reserve it for a birthday or anniversary.  Our Cherry Bomb set is also a fantastic Valentine's gift and with cubic zirconia forming a halo around the central stone this design is classy, fabulous and a stand-out star of any outfit.  The set comprises of earrings, a ring and a necklace, so you can blow the budget on all three or spread them out through other occasions.


Sapphires and topaz have brilliance about them and the striking colour is fantastic on all skin tones.  Our topaz Devotion earrings make the perfect Valentine's gift; the name says it all really.  These stunning drop style earrings feature a teardrop shaped topaz on a modern mount which draws inspiration from delicate filigree work, whilst retaining a contemporary look.  The Wild Spirit duo of earrings and a necklace is also ideal for an unconventional gift; these will appeal to nature lovers, adventurous types and free spirits alike.


For someone unconventional yet more reserved the delicate tones of amethyst (purple) opal (iridescent) and emerald (green) are very suitable, and as amethyst is a highly desirable gemstone you can't go wrong.  The purple colour lends itself to blue, red, pink and purple outfits, and stands out beautifully against white.  Our Coupled earrings, which team amethyst with topaz, are an ideal sentimental Valentine's gift and something a bit out of the ordinary for such a special day.  The twin stones complement each other just as two people do in a relationship and this association makes these pieces ideal for gifting.


Emeralds are simply stunning.  They have a tone slightly more reserved than peridot, which is a very bright green, and they're also highly sought after.  The Circle of Life earrings or necklace would make a great Valentine's gift, as the circle shape symbolises eternity, while the emeralds flatter anyone who wears them.  Their delicate green tones work really well with a lot of other cool tones and colours so the set is very versatile, with both modern and traditional inspirations.


Finally, our Tutti Frutti set is a great one for gifting.  The striking and unusual design features four coloured gemstones, set against a sterling silver and cubic zirconia backdrop which looks very elegant, very different, yet incredibly sophisticated without verging on the traditional looks which an unconventional person may not like.  This four piece ensemble looks fantastic worn all together and it can work in casual and more formal environments making it the perfect gift for someone who walks in all circles of life.