Princess Anne, with her Olympic achievements and decision not to bestow official titles on her children, is often seen as the most down-to-earth member of the royal family and this is certainly the impression one gets from watching The Crown.  Her no-nonsense approach may be the defining character trait that we associate with her, but that doesn't mean she always dresses down.  Some of Princess Anne's looks are heavenly, pairing elegance with her signature understated style.


She is often pictured wearing pearl drop earrings which look a lot like our Pure earrings, with vintage inspiration which is in keeping with the heritage aspect of much of the royal jewellery.  The unique clasp style means these earrings will stay put for the duration of a royal engagement, without tugging or coming undone.  Our Pearl Candy earrings are a dead ringer for pearl studs she has been seen in at race events and while they're beautiful, they are also simple and perfect for wearing to an event where she may also be riding without having to change her jewellery.


In her younger years Princess Anne was often seen wearing floral inspired jewellery and we think she would love our Pink Lily and Gwyneth pieces, both of which have delicate petals and subtly toned gemstones for a pretty, shimmering look.  She wore a particular pair at the Great Children's Party in 1979 and again for a visit to Gambia in 1984, so they're definitely a favourite pair that we don't see on other royals.  This means they are part of her personal collection, which is a clear indication that she loves floral jewellery.  Our Daisy pieces look ideal for her at horse racing events or garden parties.


Princess Anne is a fan of rubies, and a set she was gifted by Saudi Arabia has made many appearances in public over the years.  Taking into account this love of rich reds and floral designs, we think she would adore the Camellia Garnet collection, a delightful three piece ensemble comprising a necklace, earrings and ring.  This would be perfect for state events and banquets, as well as more casual events; so if you want the Princess Anne look at a more pocket friendly budget this set is a great investment and as it's currently on sale now is the time to buy.  She has also been seen in pale blue jewellery when it matches her outfit, so if paler colours are your thing then the Camellia Aqua set is a fantastic choice for you.


When Anne does wear more jewellery she tends to opt for matching sets like a lot of the royals, because they have access to a vast collection of pieces which have been gifted, made or reset from older crown jewels over the years.  If you like this put together, considered style of accessorising, then you should look for matching sets of jewellery so you can achieve the same.