As the Executive Chair of Santander, and a member of many high level international banking advisory boards, Ana Patricia Botín is one of the most powerful women in finance.  She is the fourth generation of her family to hold the Executive Chair role and has a long history of academic and professional study into modern banking.  Many of her actions have strengthened international financial relations and created more diversity at the highest level making her a great role model.


Ana, like a lot of powerful women, is often seen wearing pearls.  These classic stones exude luxury and have long been associated with positions of wealth and power.  It's no surprise, then, that Ana has a favourite pair of drop shaped pearl earrings that are a dead ringer for our Twinkle pearl earrings.  These versatile earrings work from day to night making them ideal for wearing to the office, then out for a business dinner in the evening.  Our Pure and Affinity earrings are also in keeping with her style and we think she'd have all three pairs to hand for a subtle day-to-day change in her look without having to think about her accessories too much.


When it comes to necklaces Ana likes the layered look, often wearing two necklaces or a long strand wrapped round twice.  Her necklace style is quite plain but sophisticated, so an elegant pendant is the way to go if you like her style.  The Circle of Life, or Me and My Gal necklaces are right up her street and because they use neutral stones they'll go with everything and anything.  When she's not wearing a necklace she often accessorises with a pretty scarf and she pulls off this look with panache, never veering into flight attendant territory.  In these colder months it's a great idea to use scarves to add a flourish to your outfit because you'll also stay warmer.


Ana is one of the few powerful women we have looked at who wears bracelets.  In some jobs bracelets can be impractical, but as Ana isn't doing any physical or manual labour she doesn't have to worry about damaging a delicate bracelet.  She often wears two or three at the same time which is in keeping with her love of layering necklaces.  Our Brides bracelet with freshwater pearls is ideal for wearing with pearl earrings, while our Ice Cold and Ice Fire tennis bracelets are also perfect for getting the look.  Our Tempting and Bewitching bangles are similar in style, so if you prefer something solid then these bangles worn together will give you the Botín look.


Surprisingly, despite Ana's taste for slim and understated jewellery, she goes bold and brave with her choice of ring.  There are several chunky rings she has been pictured wearing, suggesting that she doesn't stick to just a wedding band on her fingers.  We can see her wearing our Camellia Garnet ring for a pop of colour (after all, it's the same colour as the Santander branding) or our Fantasize ring with rubies and cubic zirconia for that rich red colour and extra sparkle.


We just love Ana's style because it's so personal and manages to combine her taste with versatility to create a truly unique look that works really well for a woman in a position of power.  To really embody the spirit of her jewellery don't be afraid to combine chunky and delicate pieces with colourful but sharply tailored clothes.