As the wife of French Prime Minister Emanuel Macron, Brigitte is often in the public eye and every time she appears in the spotlight she looks flawless.  The effortless chic that French women seem to achieve with no effort is something that is admired around the world, so it's no surprise that whatever Brigitte wears is instantly desired by everyone who sees it.  She is a big fan of high end designers, and of course everyone can look stunning in an outfit tailored to perfection and created by the top sartorial minds.  With a little research and a little channelling of effortless chic we can all recreate a signature Macron look.


Brigitte often wears her hair down, in a blowout style that always looks like she has just stepped out of the salon.  When she does sweep her blonde hair in to a chignon or other elegant up-do she accessorises with large stones in drop earrings to make the most of the attention on her face.  We think she would go straight for our Devotion earrings, available with either a rich blue topaz or opal stones.  These drop earrings are stunning for pairing with a perfect coiffure, as are the Lunar Blue and Lunar Purple options, again with the drop style and a large stone.


Necklaces are rarely seen on Brigitte; she often opts for dresses and tops with a decorated neckline instead.  Even when she wears a shirt or something with a plainer neckline she doesn't add a necklace and while we don't know why, we suspect she is following the timeless advice of Coco Chanel and taking away one piece of jewellery from a whole look to achieve that streamlined elegance that she embodies.


Brigitte opts for bangles and watches over necklaces, and this is a clever move as she is ensuring that the attention is never on one aspect of her look, but instead the eye is drawn all over her ensembles.  She favours chunky bangles and cuffs which make her wrists and arms look delicate – fine bracelets can also have this effect, but as Brigitte is power dressing she goes for something bolder and more eye catching.


Our Fantasia bangle would look gorgeous on Brigitte, with multiple bands adorned with flush mounted cubic zirconia scattered across the bands for extra sparkle.  Our Rhapsody in Blue bangle is also right up Brigitte's boulevard, with delicate blue topaz stones which would match a lot of her outfits – the powder blue number she wore to meet Vladimir Putin, was especially popular and ideal for wearing with the Rhapsody collection pieces.  The Twister bangle would also catch her eye, but may not be chunky enough for her personal style.  We think that on us mere mortals the Twister bangle would be the ideal accessory for a Parisian inspired look.


You can count on Brigitte Macron wearing at least two rings for public appearances.  She always wears her wedding ring, but she also wears her sister's wedding ring to remember her after she was killed in a tragic accident.  Both these rings are studded with diamonds and go with absolutely everything.  We have a wide selection of cubic zirconia rings that look gorgeous on any hand, but our Dazzle ring paired with our Always and Forever ring is a look that Brigitte would be seen wearing.  She'd also love our Solo Concerto ring for the chunky aesthetic and the Spice of Life ring for the same reason.  The Fantasia ring obviously goes with the Fantasia bangle, both of which are classic Brigitte style, but she would also opt for our Interlace cocktail ring with a burst of topaz from multiple bands.  She'd wear this on her right hand with her sentimental rings on the left, but she might also add another ring on either hand depending on her outfit and the occasion.


If you want to recreate Brigitte's effortless style you need to look for the less-is-more balance.  She uses and subverts this idea by wearing fewer pieces, but going over the top with the statement of the pieces she does wear.