Camilla Parker Bowles is one of the central figures of the 4th series of The Crown, as a central plot line is Charles' marriage to Diana and the role of Camilla in that famous love triangle.  We often see her in casual outfits and countryside clothes and her jewellery is complementary to that look, classy but understated, and she is rarely seen without a single strand of pearls.  Her hairstyle usually hides her ears, so we never really get a good look at what earrings she prefers but it's safe to assume she would opt for simple studs for everyday wear.  We think she would opt for our Full Moon pearl studs, our Sparklers cubic cluster style studs or Luna Collezione circular swirl studs.


One piece of jewellery that we do associate with Camilla is the bracelet which Charles had made for her, ostensibly as a parting gift.  Although not shown in the Netflix series, Charles actually gave several women gifts of jewellery before his wedding, as a way of saying goodbye and thank you to the women he had dated before Diana – he is known to give jewellery as a gift quite often, a fact which downplays the significance of the bespoke bracelet he gave to Camilla, which doesn't make for scintillating TV. 


The bracelet Charles had made was engraved with the initials “GF”, which could stand for Gladys and Fred, the pair's pet names for each other.  It could also stand for “Girl Friday”, which was another of his pet names for Camilla.  The piece as shown in The Crown is quite chunky, so we think Camilla would love our Fantasia bangle, studded with glittering stones.  She is often pictured in diamonds, so we know she'd love the bling and dazzle of our cubic zirconia pieces if she were ever on a budget.


One of Camilla's most dazzling looks is the Greville Tiara with a matching necklace, featuring 5 strands of square cut diamonds.  When she wears pearls now she opts for 5 strands of pearls as well, so we know she's a fan of the statement necklace and isn't afraid to pile on the bling.  We think she'd love our Bella and Sophisticato necklaces with matching earrings as the styles are Camilla all over.  Each has a central cubic nestled in a mount with shape and movement which are ideal for posh events and for special occasions – she may opt for a relaxed look on her days off but she really knows how to wear diamonds in extravagance when she gets the chance.


Camilla's engagement ring is unsurprisingly bold, featuring an emerald cut diamond (which used to belong to The Queen Mother) with three baguette cut diamonds on either side.  Our Emerald Ice ring is a good match for this extravagant ring, featuring a large emerald cut cubic zirconia with a hammered effect sterling silver band (the band of Camilla's ring is Welsh gold which is a royal tradition).


If you want to accessorise like Camilla then go for lots of cubic zirconia and clear gemstones, pile on the layers of necklaces and really go for it.  Camilla's jewellery style is the antithesis to Coco Chanel's approach of taking off the last thing you put on – she's more of a “put on another thing even when you've put the last thing on” kind of woman but this look definitely works when you're mixing in the elevated, royal circles like Camilla.