Carolyn Martens is one of the female leads in Killing Eve.  An MI6 boss heavily involved in Cold War relations and with many Russian friends she is a force to be reckoned with.  Her steely determination and the way she commands respect are traits which we all admire, and Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn to perfection, never giving much away but always stealing the scene.


Carolyn's style is very understated but expensive.  She's an eccentric character for sure, taking meetings in the bath and always able to surprise, but her style is less wild.  She often opts for softly tailored pieces which contrast with her no-nonsense approach to work and life but this juxtaposition gives her a strong femininity which really comes through.


Carolyn doesn't wear a lot of jewellery, and in fact rarely wears a necklace, unless she's on a date or business dinner.  We think she would opt for one of our Vivid necklaces, a modern style with a rub-over mount, with her birthstone, or perhaps Kenny's.  We don't know her birthday but we think she would look fabulous with the garnet, iolite or amethyst options to suit the darkness in her personality and her style of dress.


We don't see Carolyn wearing a diverse range of jewellery, she seems to know what she likes and sticks with that.  She does wear a wedding ring, but there's no mention of a Mr Martens on the scene.  The ring she wears isn't obviously featured in any scenes but the closest match to our collection is the Clementine ring.  This large oval citrine ring has a gold and silver mount; adorned with cubic zirconia and the associations that citrine has make it perfect for Carolyn to wear.  Citrine promotes self-awareness, group cohesion and good interpersonal relationships. It is also said to enhance clarity of mind and creativity, all things which a top MI6 agent needs.


Carolyn Martens is rarely seen without earrings.  She chooses between statement earrings and studs, often wearing a pearl set.  Our Pearl Candy earrings are a great match for the ones she wears in the show, and our Catch A Star pearl studs are also very close in style to Carolyn's favourite pearl studs.  Our Arabian Nights earrings, with cabochon lapis lazuli, would also be right up her street and would look great with her sharp yet elegant dress sense.  Our Sapphire Serenity studs would also be a typical Carolyn pair, worn with a navy blue outfit when she needs to have a serious discussion with her Russian counterparts.


She also appears to like mixing metals in her jewellery, so our Infused or Trio clip on earrings would be favourite pairs for her.  The comfort grip back makes them wearable all day without any pinching or discomfort and the last thing a secret agent needs is a distraction.  The Clementine earrings which match the ring would also be a good choice for her, as they would be a great pair to wear on a business dinner or date when she needs to make an impression.


If you want to emulate Carolyn's style, stick with stud earrings, a smart dress watch and inconspicuously tailored clothes.  Well cut trousers and a blouse are her standard clothes, but she's also quite partial to a high neck and a chunky knit.